Gold Face and Body Glitter - Use Moon Dust holographic shimmer as eyeliner, on your lips, face or body to make them sparkle [Great for parties, raves, gifts or the Coachella festival]

Product Description

This amazing golden shimmer highlighter contains NO harmful plastics or artificial ingredients - It is safe to use on your lips, eyes or anywhere on your body. It will last for hours but washes off easily in soap and water. The roll-on applicator prevents waste and mess - To apply to lips, just put some on your wrist and pat your lips until they sparkle - no matter what shade of lipstick or eye shadow you use the effect is magical!


Imagine what effects you can create - This golden shimmer can be used virtually anywhere - face, eyes, lips or body

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  • Made with all natural ingredients and formulated to be safe to use on your lips, face and around your eyes, this quality of glitter is among the very best available on the market.
  • The special roll-on applicator allows precise application just where you want it - a light touch on your cheeks, an opalescent addition to your eye shadow or a breathtaking "topper" on your favorite lipstick.
  • Roll just a small amount on the back of your hand and press it to your lips - voila! - they will transform into a glittering and tempting smile.

Transform just about any ordinary makeup into a glistening celebration of color

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Whatever color makeup or lipstick you choose, they will be more striking with the gold shimmer topping

  • Try red, pink, rose, gold, blue or even black - any color lipstick you want - and accent them with just a gentle layer of sparkle
  • Use as a stand-alone eye shadow or blend a little in on top of whatever shadow shade you prefer
  • Let your imagination be your guide and see where this marvellous golden fairy dust can take you 

Take a tip from the world's most beautiful women - Find out what the royal color of shimmering, holographic gold can do for you

Just a spinkle of this magical highlighter will set you apart and let you have some fun - Make people look twice to catch the special glimmer wherever you choose to apply it

  • ​Accent your cheeks, dab some on your decollage or collar bones - the golden color will enrich and entice 
  • The roll-on tip will protect you from spillage and waste as you apply iy exeactly where you want to
  • While it will last for hours where ever you want it, it removes easily with soap and water

Try any of these fabulous looks and who knows what might happen

                             Gold on Gold

                    Golden Glitter Eyeshadow

body glitter, gold shimmer, highlighter, holographic, makeup, face, lips, eyes, eye shadow

Golden Ultra Fine Cosmetic Grade Body Glitter

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