bumGenius Outing Wet Bag - Holds 3 to 5 Cloth Diapers (Girl Stripe)

Girl Stripe
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Product Description

What is a wet bag?

Wet bags are an important accessory for cloth diapering. They are used to store dirty diapers or to keep clean diapers separate from soiled.

bumGenius offers 4 unique designs of wet bags for different purposes:

  • bumGenius Mini wet bag
  • bumGenius Outing wet bag
  • bumGenius Weekender wet bag
  • bumGenius Hangout wet bag

More Than Diapers

Besides cloth diapers, wet bags are great for transporting wet swimsuits or dirty clothes. They can also be used to store an extra set of clothes for your kiddo in the car. Other uses include shoe storage, potty training, cosmetics, gym bags, and so on.

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Hangout Weekender Outing Mini
Material 100% Laminated Polyester 100% Laminated Polyester 100% Laminated Polyester 100% Laminated Polyester
Closure Zipper Zipper Zipper Tapered-down folded
Washable and Leak-resistant
Capacity 10 to 12 cloth diapers 6 to 10 cloth diapers 3 to 5 cloth diapers Up to 2 cloth diapers
Design Thoughtfully designed to hang from a doorknob or hook in any room of your home. An essential and fashionable travel accessory to store wet clothing or cloth diapers while you are away. Storage for wet items while on the go Perfect for many items such as a pack of wipes (wet, dry, or dirty), a Flip diaper cover, a single cloth diaper for day care, or any small wet/dry items to help keep you organized.
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