Gold Nail Dipping Powder (Added vitamin) I.B.N Dipped Acrylic Dip Powder DIY Manicure Salon Home Use, 1oz/28g (DIP 059)

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Product Description


  • Added vitamin, further to protect your nails and looks more natural.
  • No odor high quality pigment powder, mess free.
  • No need UV LED nail dryer, suitable for nail salon or at home use.
  • Strong & durable (long-lasting for 2-3 weeks).
  • Best DIY product for nail art lovers and nail technician.
  • Elegant package, perfect gift for wife, girlfriend, female friends and so on.
  • [Package Included]:
  • Quantity: 1 x Dip powder
  • Color number: DIP 059
  • Net weight: 1 ounce / 28g

  • [How to Use]
  • Step 1. prep the nail and clean it.
  • Step 2, then apply one coat of Base coat to the entire nail.
  • Step 3, dip the nail into the container of dip powder, repeat it if necessary.(generally speaking, we need to dip nails twice/apply dip powder twice)
  • Step 4, remove excess powder with nail dust brush.
  • Step 5, apply activator is aim to dry dip powder, wait 1 minutes and lightly file the nail surface (shaping nail shape)
  • Step 6, apply 1 coat of shiny top coat, all done!
  • [How to Remove]
  • Step 1. Use a nail file to file top coat.
  • Step 2. Pour suitable acetone liquid into the gel nail foil.
  • Step 3. Wrap it well around the fingernails.
  • Step 4. Wait about for 10-15 minutes.
  • Step 5. Take off the foil and remove it with cuticle pusher.
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