DAODER Thick Short Mink Lashes Bulk Natural False Eyelashes Soft Reusable Fluffy Fake Lashes Extension for Women’ Daily Makeup 10Pairs (Thick Short lashes)

Product Description

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Professional False Eyelashes


How False Eyelashes Important to Makeup

When volumizing mascara just doesn’t cut it, false eyelashes can go a long way in giving you that “extra oomph.” Whether you fancy going all-out glam or simply wish to amplify what you’ve already got, a pair of falsies can instantly help you step up your game and take it to a whole new level.

Ladies, picking the right pair of false eyelashes is not that complicated. You only have to keep in mind your eye shape and what suits you. If you have deep set eyes, you can pull off dramatic, long eyelashes with much ease, as the weight of your brow bone will even the lookout. Winged and wispy lashes look stunning on rounder eyes and help create a cat-eye shape. If you have hooded eyes, opt for a set with the most prolonged lashes at the center of the lash strip as this will create an illusion of depth. Those of you with monolids could try a less dense lash that’s slightly fluffy, to create a more natural, lush look. All you almond-eyed women can try a wide range of lash types as literally everything works for this shape!

Natural False Eyelashes

false eyelashes

Simple & Natural Mink Fake Lashes Features

  1. This mink lashes natural short are medium to high volume lashes to add a bit of drama and leaves your eyes looking bright and flawless
  2. This eyelashes mink short are made from cruelty-free lash fibers
  3. Design that features thick lash sectioned evenly along the lash line with a slight curl at the ends
  4. Great for enhancing your already beautiful eyes and suitable for all eye shapes and eye sizes
  5. Ideal office lashes, or as a slightly more dramatic everyday lash
  6. Lash length of 10-11 mm
  7. Thin lash band for a seamless look and extra added comfort


mink lashes natural false eyelashes dramatic mink lashes false lashes rhinestones for nails
8D 25mm Mink Lashes 6D 20mm Mink Lashes, Wispy dramatic mink lashes Dramatic Mink Lashes Variety False Eyelashes Large/Big Rhinestones for Nails
Quantity 7 Pairs 7 Pairs 5 Pairs 5 Pairs 5Packs
Material Faux Mink Lashes/Fiber Faux Mink Lashes/Fiber Faux Mink Lashes/Fiber Faux Mink Lashes/Fiber High quality glass
Features 25mm super long, dramatic, wispy strip eyelashes 15mm~20mm long mink lashes,dramatic look for bold makeup 15mm wispy dramatic false lashes, thick volume Long, thick, volume dramatic wispies lashes, with 5 variety styles 5 pack super sparkly large rhinestones for nails decoration. Sharp back,5 colors
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