Premium Tuna Keto Snacks - No Carbs Wild Ahi Tuna in Coconut Oil (Pack of 10) Japanese Grade Yellowfin by Itsumo
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Premium Tuna Keto Snacks - No Carbs Wild Ahi Tuna in Coconut Oil (Pack of 10) Japanese Grade Yellowfin by Itsumo
Premium Tuna Keto Snacks - No Carbs Wild Ahi Tuna in Coconut Oil (Pack of 10) Japanese Grade Yellowfin by Itsumo

Product Description

Ready to Eat! Just open the bag!

  • Ahi (Yellowfin) Tuna.
  • Pre-cooked.
  • No drainage required like oil or water.
  • No bones.
Our pouch packaging is high quality, ensuring maximum freshness of our premium tuna that we have worked hard for. There are notches at the top of the pouch for an easily tear open pouch. Our packaging takes less space and weight than canned fish.
We use minimal processing and simple natural ingredients to produce a high quality of clean protein. No artificial ingredients, flavors or colors. Gluten and dairy free. Perfect for almost any diet!

Wild Ahi (Yellowfin) Tuna - Japanese Premium Grade Catch
  • 100% Wild Ahi (Yellowfin) Tuna.
  • Slow cooked and hand pulled from the wild tuna fish.
  • Japanese quality Ahi Tuna standards.
  • Developed & produced using decades of knowledge from world tuna experts in Japan.
All Natural, Safe, Clean Protein
  • ✔ No Chemicals.
  • ✔ High Omega-3.
  • ✔ Gluten Free.
  • ✔ Non GMO.
  • ✔ Boneless.
  • ✔ Skinless.

Sustainable fishing techniques

  • ✔ Bluefin Safe.
  • ✔ Dolphin Safe.
  • ✔ Artisan Fishing.
  • ✔ Friend of the Sea.
  • ✔ We preserve fish stock for future generations.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
We select the best quality coconuts and receive the first press of oil, ensuring we have the highest quality with minimal processing. The best olive oil in the world is also from the very first press, and we are using the same high standard process.

ITSUMO Company Story

Itsumo takes pride in only sourcing Japanese exceptional wild tuna and applying the latest technologies and centuries old techniques to produce products unrivaled around the world.

Itsumo is the brand of an American who has spent over 20 years living in Japan and working in all areas of the Japanese Tuna Industry, from catching tuna fish on the boats, to the auctions in Tsukiji fish market, the biggest and oldest fish market in Japan.

Itsumo means "Always" in Japanese!

  • Always Premium Grade Tuna Fish.
  • Always Minimally Processed.
  • Always 100% Natural Ingredients.
  • Always Clean & Safe Protein.

We believe in Always keeping true to our vision of healthy & nutritious food for families to eat!

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