uni-ball 207 Retractable Gel Pens, Ultra Micro Point (0.38mm), Black, 4 Count (Packaging may vary)

The uni-ball 207 gel pen features exclusive uni Super Ink which helps protect against water, fading and fraud. The specially formulated pigment based gel pen ink contains particles that form an indelible bond in paper- it can’t be broken... ever. The solid vivid colors of 207 gel pens deliver bold color every time you write. The textured rubber grip offers superior writing and control, while the retractable gel pen tip provides added convenience. Adorned with distinct metallic accents, this uni-ball pen adds a touch of class to everyday life. Whatever you’re working on, you’re bound to shine with the uni-ball 207 gel pens.

From the manufacturer

uni-ball 207 uni-ball 307 uni-ball Jetstream uni-ball Air uni-ball Vision Elite uni-ball Deluxe
Writing System Gel Gel Jetstream / Ballpoint Rollerball Rollerball Rollerball
Tip Sizes Bold, Medium, Micro, Ultra Micro Medium, Micro Bold, Fine Fine, Micro Bold, Micro Fine, Micro
Available Colors 13 3 8 3 12 3
BLX Infused Ink Option
Retractable Version Available
Padded Grip Available
uni Super Ink
Unique Feature Even ink flow Writes on glossy paper Quick-drying ink Writes at any angle Airplane safe - no leak design Classic, polished look
Best Selling
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