Otterlove Silicone Bib – 100% Pure Platinum LFGB Baby Bibs – No Fillers – BPA and Phthalate Free (Single Bib - Purple Otters)

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Product Description

Not All Silicone is Created Equal.

The Pinch Test: an easy way to test for fillers in silicone. Pinch, twist, or pull silicone. If it turns white, it has fillers. Otterlove products will ALWAYS pass The Pinch Test because they are made with 100% silicone with no fillers.

Easy Clean Silicone Bibs Make Mealtime Clean-Up a Breeze!

Waterproof & Stain Free: Our silicone bibs will not absorb food or liquids.

Rinse or Clean in Dishwasher: Simply rinse the bib with soapy water or in wash in the dishwasher and air dry and your otterlove bib is ready for the next meal!

Pinch Test Passed.

Don’t be fooled by other brands’ claims that their products are 100% silicone with no fillers. Do the Pinch Test and see for yourself. Pinch, stretch, and twist the silicone – if it turns white it has fillers.

Make Parenting Easier without Compromising Safety.

Unique Sturdy Stay-open Pocket

Unique Sturdy Stay-open Pocket

unique sturdy stay-open pocket will catch even the toughest of mealtime messes.

silicone bib flexible

Super Soft, Flexible & Durable

Otterlove silicone bibs are softer and much more flexible than other baby bibs made with cheaper silicone.

Unique Sturdy Stay-open Pocket

Adjustable Size

Our flexible silicone button system allows for 7 size configurations to fit 6 month olds to toddlers.

Unique Sturdy Stay-open Pocket

Hand Screened Artist Designs

Our silicone bibs come in vibrant, fun colors with cute artist designed animal imagery printed using 100% pure silicone.

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Single Waterproof Bib

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Platinum Pure LFGB Silicone Platinum Pure LFGB Silicone Platinum Pure LFGB Silicone Platinum Pure LFGB Silicone Platinum Pure LFGB Silicone Platinum Pure LFGB Silicone Platinum Pure LFGB Silicone
Number of pieces
2 bibs 1 bib 1 plate with cover 2 spoons 1 freezer tray with cover 1 bowl with cover 1 bib
No Fillers
BPA Free
Plastic Free
Dishwasher safe
Microwave safe
Oven safe

Are otterlove products microwave, dishwasher, and oven safe?

Yes, all otterlove products are dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe. Our products are made out of Platinum Pure silicone and can be safely used in both low and high-temperature environments with no change in their properties.

What is The Pinch Test?

Cheaper silicone products often use plastic fillers in order to cut costs. The Pinch Test involves pinching and twisting the silicone to test for fillers. If the silicone turns white, it’s got fillers. Our products have no fillers.

Are otterlove products BPA Free?

Yes, all otterlove products are BPA free and have been confirmed by an FDA and CPSC Certified Lab.

What is the LFGB standard?

LFGB is the German standard for testing silicone products that come in contact with food. The LFGB certification tests are more intensive compared to the FDA testing. All otterlove products are made using LFGB silicone.

Do otterlove products leave residue or impact the taste of foods?

No. otterlove silicone products will not leave residues or alter the taste of foods because they are 100% pure platinum silicone.

About the Startup

Describe your products in 3 words.

Pure Safe Silicone

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

After becoming parents, we spent countless hours researching and worrying about the safety and composition of what we put on and in our children. To our dismay, we found very few products on the market that met our strict safety and purity standards. For instance, we received a silicone bib as a baby shower gift – functionally, it was great, but when stretched it turned white, which is a sign of that the silicone contains fillers. This is referred to as “The Pinch Test” –– if silicone turns white when pinched twisted or pulled, it has fillers. After extensive research on silicone chemistry and production, we created Platinum Pure silicone, which is the silicone we use in our otterlove products. Our silicone is made using an innovative and more expensive process than ordinary silicone, but this process creates no chemical by-products.

What makes your product special?

otterlove is an American based company founded by parents passionate about reducing children's exposure to toxins Our goal is to offer a premier line of quality silicone baby products that are designed to simplify busy parents’ schedules and make parenting easier without compromising on quality and safety.

Made with 100% Premium LFGB European grade food, safe baby silicone. Most brands follow less strict standards, which allows for use of fillers, and even formaldehyde. Our silicone bibs have NO BPA, BPS, PVC, Latex, Plastics, Phthalates, Lead, Cadmium, Formaldehyde, or other toxins and they are also completely odorless and hypoallergenic.

Highest Safety and Purity Standards: The Platinum Pure silicone used in our baby bibs are made using an innovative and more expensive process than common silicone. Our process creates no chemical by-products.

What has been the best part of your experience?

Bringing products to market with high safety and purity standards that were not available when we were new parents.

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