IncStores 1/4" Tough Rubber Roll (4' x 10') - Excellent Gym Floor mats for Medium/Large Equipment and Light/Moderate Free Weights (5 Mats - 4'x10' Egg Shell)

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- Tough mats are our most popular rubber mat solution and our ideal for home gyms, as exercise equipment mats, as semi portable exercise mats, and as general rubber gym mats. These rubber mats can be easily rolled up and stored when necessary as well as used as a more permanent rubber flooring solution by butting the mats together and using some generic double sided carpet tape around the borders to prevent the tough mats from sliding. These exercise mats are also safe to use both indoors and out and can be cut to size to fit your needs with a utility knife and straight edge.

From the manufacturer

The All-In-One Exercise Mat

From plyometrics to dumbbells, Tough Mats are your all-purpose gym mat. Each tough mat is specially engineered to protect your subfloor from the impact of dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.

Tough Mats act as a buffer between your weights and your subfloor. Typical hard surfaces and concrete subfloors can crack under the pressure of dropping dumbbells - ain’t nobody got time for that! All you need is the right rubber mat to give your floor the protection it needs.

We call them the “all-in-one exercise mat” because they are great for a variety of exercises. Tough Mats are designed to protect your floor from the following:

  • Weight machines
  • Cardio machines
  • Dumbbells
  • Plyometric movements
  • At-home workouts such as Intensity, P90X, etc.
  • Bumper plate Olympic lifts*

*This is a safe weightlifting mat for Olympic lifting only when using bumper plates. Hard metal plates will damage your subfloor.

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