LuxeOrganix Natural Under Eye Cream for Dark Circles and Puffiness: Eye Brightening Cream for Dark Circles Under Eye Treatment Organic. Best Under Eye Cream for Wrinkles Made in USA (1 oz Jar)

Product Description

BRILLIANT EYES BIO-ADVANCED DAILY EYE CREAM BY LUXEORGANIX: "Absorbs fast...silky smooth under makeup, on and around eyelids and under eyes."

NATURALLY FIRM, REPAIR AND REJUVENATE FRAGILE SKIN. Our delicate and effective ocean plant-based retinol boosts collagen and speeds cell turnover to even out skin discoloration and texture, leaving it brighter & smoother with a natural eyelid lift!

LIGHTWEIGHT, NON-STICKY & EASILY ABSORBED INTO THE SKIN. Quickly absorbs into the skin without leaving a greasy feeling or appearance. Formulated to diminish dark circles from under eyes. This daily eye cream is ideal daytime and night before bed to naturally reduce signs of aging or tiredness.

LOOK YOUNGER AND FEEL MORE CONFIDENT. Our natural anti-aging ingredients are moisturizing without stripping, drying or leaving build-up. LuxeOrganix Brilliant Eyes cream gently firms, hydrates & tightens the delicate skin around your eyes to give them a smoother, younger appearance.

You deserve the best. And so does your skin.

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LuxeOrganix brings healthy, high quality ingredients to your home, giving you beautiful hair and skin that looks and feels like you just stepped out of a World-Class Salon & Spa.

MADE IN THE U.S.A., LuxeOrganix is a Woman-Owned company that was started because we believe that the future of beauty is in high quality, natural products that perform as well as conventional alternatives, but without controversial, harsh ingredients. In a world that has left customers wanting and needing better, healthier products, we are committed to raising the bar and setting new standards. We believe you should not have to sacrifice your health for the sake of your beauty.

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Feel beautiful and treat your skin with respect

Major brands are catching on to the fact that consumers want natural and organic skincare. Without even changing the formulas, some are advertising their products as “natural” or “organic” when they are not. If it says “natural" or “organic” read the label fully. While major companies may want you to stick to the brands you’ve always been exposed to in magazines and on television, it’s time to treat your body with respect by switching to what it really needs: natural and organic skincare.

LuxeOrganix... Feel beautiful, without sacrificing your health.

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Meet Christine, Founder of LuxeOrganix

Hi, my name is Christine, and I’m the founder of LuxeOrganix. In my early 30’s, I was rapidly losing my hair and dealing with numerous health issues. Frustrated, I finally began working with a functional health practitioner at overcoming my health woes naturally. She advised me to replace products I was using in my home with more natural or organic alternatives, as there were many ingredients in my old store-bought products that were contributing to my health problems.

As I searched and began to try out new, “healthy alternatives,” I was glad to be using products that were good for me, but I wasn’t impressed with my results. My body may have appreciated it, but my hair did not respond well, appearing dull and lifeless, or greasy and weighed down. What I was looking for just wasn’t available. Through my dissatisfaction came my inspiration for creating LuxeOrganix. Now our hair and skin care products are available all over the U.S.A. and Canada, helping people achieve a beautiful results, and keep their health and well-being a priority.

It hasn’t taken long for fellow health-conscious women (and men) to catch on. We are incredibly grateful to those who have supported our philosophies and our small, family-owned business. If you haven’t already, we hope you’ll give our products a try, and join the LuxeOrganix “Feel Beautiful Without Sacrificing Your Health” mission!

Feel Beautiful,


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