iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 & iPhone SE [2020 Released] case Watercolor, Akna Collection Flexible Silicon Cover for iPhone 8 & iPhone 7 & iPhone SE [2020 Released] (830-U.S)

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Our iPhone case itself holds the advanced technology in our field, which provides ultimate protection yet still slim and lightweight, all of these are benefit from our advanced production line. Our cases are all passed 9 feet drop-test which is a tough test to identify the protection level of a case.

In case business, it's not only the designs would win customers but also the case itself, think about it, if you hold a case, beautiful pattern on it and provides ultimate protection yet still reasonable slim and lightweight, after lots of drops from day to day, aren't you wanna buy more designs ?

Behind of our case, our true value is about looking inside of ourselves, listen to our true and honest voice inside, carefully control and master our thinkings and feelings. Be honest to ourselves, and be honest to everyone around us, keep managing our own thinking and feeling in order to make this earth a better place to live.

Our logo is a symbol to our subconsciousness which means "Life", and our name AKNA is an ancient Maya language which means "mother". Mother is the one who brings life into existence, and that's our hope, we hope our value will be able to bring a better life to all of us who lives in this earth thru control our thinking and feel, we will be able to change the environment around us, even the whole earth.

That is not a story, that's what we believe, and we will act accordingly.


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