Deerway Acupressure Massage Slippers Therapeutic Reflexology Sandals for Foot Acupoint Massage Shiatsu Arch Pain Relief Non-Slip Shoes Bath Shower
  • 1.[Designed] This style massage slipper is designed that combining ergonomic with the ancient principles of reflexology.
  • 2.[Reflexology Explained] Based on the theory of bio-holographic, the sole of the foot is known as the \"second heart\" of humans that various reflex points in our feet correspond to organs, glands and muscles in the rest of our body. stimulating these reflex point in your feet that helps to relieve tension, boost energy and blood circulation and ease fatigue.
  • 3.[High-Grade EVA Material] this material for Deerway's slipper has been carefully chosen for the durability, comfort, quality and highly elastic. Thickened sole that has been designed to absorb shocks resulting from walking on hard surfaces, so helping to reduce tension in your feet, legs, and lower back.
  • 4.[Wearing recommendations] When you first start wearing this massage slippers some people can find their feet a little sensitive, and some people relish the deep massage right away! It is recommended you wear at your own pace until you get used to them. Only you will know how long to wear them. If your feet are sensitive, it may also help to wear socks with them at first. If you are zero pain tolerance, please cautiously try.
  • 5.[Suitable for all season and occasions] Indoor bedroom, bathroom, living room, spa, gym, swimming pool, beach, holiday, leisure, public showers, steam rooms, dorms, camps, pools, locker rooms. 6.[The best service]: We offer a 100% no risk money-back guarantee if you're not thrilled with your purchase for any reason. Just tell us and we will do our best to give you the most satisfactory solution. If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, please contact us so we can make it right.
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Deerway Acupressure Massage Slippers Therapeutic Reflexology Sandals for Foot Acupoint Massage Shiatsu Arch Pain Relief Non-Slip Shoes Bath Shower
Deerway Acupressure Massage Slippers Therapeutic Reflexology Sandals for Foot Acupoint Massage Shiatsu Arch Pain Relief Non-Slip Shoes Bath Shower


Product Description

About Deerway:

  • This massage slipper the technology and design behind uses the science of reflexology and biomechanics to stimulate and revitalize the whole body.
  • The ancient practice of reflexology is based on the principle that “reflex points” in our feet, which are connected with internal organs and body parts. By stimulating these reflex points in our everyday life to improving the overall health and well-being of our body.
  • We believe that foot health is the secret to overall well-being. Uniquely designed for this massage slipper is comfortable, stylish multifunction and offers a range of health benefits. With Deerway massage sandals you can stride confidently knowing that you are improving your health as you walk.

the Designed of Achieving the Function of Massage and Shower

  • [Sides] Vented Design Breathable Drainage: Sides leak water hole and vented hole design, With the special cut-outs design, the slippers won't keep any water and will keep your feet dry after your shower/swimming.
  • [Insole] Hollow Groove Design: The insole is designed with air venting and quick loop drainage that prevents the water in the shoe area. To reach quick dry and comfortable.
  • [Outsole] More anti-slip design: The outsole has a great texture groove. It achieves a better an-slip and waterproof performance than other common slippers to protect your safety.
  • [Elastomer] Uniquely designed with healthy skin-friendly EVA shock-absorbing materials that in most comfortable hardness to the skin when massaging With partition acupuncture point stimulation to enhance the effects of massage on your feet.
  • [Flexible] Feel free to fold the slippers and it won't change shape. This style adopts an integrated molding process with excellent EVA materials, with good stability, odor resistance, safe and non-toxic, durable for wearing.
  • [Lightweight] These slippers are super lightweight, breathable, durable and flexible, providing a comfortable, relaxed shoe-wearing experience. When you wear them walking, the feeling is comfortable.
  • [Massage]massage granules with zoned design are in most comfortable hardness to your skin for stimulated nerve endings, balance and strengthen the body. By massaging the muscles and tissues of the body, it improves blood circulation, reduces stress or tension, stretches the area, and ultimately easing the pain.
  • However, due to different tolerance to massage force, it is normal if you feel a little bit pain when wearing for the first time, you will get used to and enjoy the massage after wearing a couple of times.

Health Threats Must Be Taken Seriously

  • As a person ages, more and more health concerns will surface. Blood will flow more slowly, nerves will be damaged, and organs will start to function inefficiently. Such weakening body which needs great attention
  • It is important to keep one’s health at its peak in order to survive the modern world. Our environment today is full of factors that will lead to sickness. Stress, bad eating habits, pollution, and unhealthy lifestyle are among the factors that might cut short a person’s lifespan.
  • Taking good care of one’s health is very important nowadays. There are a lot of practical ways of keeping a healthy body.
  • An easy solution to that is foot massage slippers. It is like an automatic assistant that massages your feet in a daily environment, leaving behind a rejuvenated foot.

Feet Health Care

  • This Reflexology Sandals stimulate the vital organs of its wearer. The slippers come with acupressure nodes that stimulate every vital pressure point on the wearer’s sole. The wearer’s sole will be touched and stimulated by the slipper’s acupressure granules each time he or she walks with the slippers.

Advantages of Reflexology and Regular Foot Massage

  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and pain in certain areas
  • Improves mood and re-energizes body
  • Boosts immune system, fertility, and digestion
  • Eases arthritis pain
  • Treats nerve problem and improves sensing ability
Reflexology Massage Slippers with Shower Function E5 E1
Reflexology Massage Slippers with Shower Function Acupressure Massage Slippers with Ergonomic Massage Slippers Similar Aodake-Fumi massage
Massage Level Normal Normal Strong
Wearing Time Ok for all day Ok for all day Ok for all day
Material Decompostion One-piece mold premium EVA One-piece mold premium EVA Insole:PVC, Midsole:EVA, Outsole:EVA and Rubber, Upper:Cotton and Hemp
Massage Area Design with the Whole of the foot sole massage Design with the Whole of the foot sole massage Design with the Whole of the foot sole massage
Health Function
Anti-Slip Outsole

Check Your Size: Because of different country with different size, please according to the foot length to order.


How to choose the perfect size according to slippers size chart above?

  • You may find it useful to measure your foot when buying Deerway sandals or slippers. If you put your heel against a wall and measure from the heel to the top of the big toe, you can be accurate in the size you are ordering.
  • Because of different countries with different sizes, please according to the foot length to order.
  • You may need to adjust the size according to your foot is wide narrow or high instep.
  • If your foot is thick or wide, we will suggest you choose one size larger.
  • If your foot is thin and narrow, we will suggest you choose one size smaller.
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