emma kites Black Color Delta Kite for Kids Adults Beginners Easy to Fly, Great Outdoor Games Activities, Kite Line and Tail Included
  • Any time you'd like to be outside and have a relaxing and fun weekend afternoon, emma kites presents this FUN COLOR delta kite to you, easy to fly kite with everything you need: kite with line (more than 300Ft to reach sky), kite tail, manual.
  • The kite comes in a very compact and durable kite bag, taking little space, convenient for storage and on-person carry. Easily tuck into your backpack, suitcase, or car trunk, get ready for any place or any time when you'd like to fly a kite.
  • This easy-to-fly kite gives excellent performance even in light wind, due to the ingenious kite structure and the excellent resin kite rods which yields high strength while being flexible and light. It's also doing great in handling sudden turbulence, performing a gentle and graceful landing.
  • Only simple and easy assembly required for a delta kite, the start kite for beginners, kids and adults. The kite line's handle is also comfortable to grip for both kids and adults.
  • No worry about lost or broken kite fittings during kite flying. Emma kites offers immediate service and free replacement to guarantee you a sweet flying time.
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emma kites Black Color Delta Kite for Kids Adults Beginners Easy to Fly, Great Outdoor Games Activities, Kite Line and Tail Included
emma kites Black Color Delta Kite for Kids Adults Beginners Easy to Fly, Great Outdoor Games Activities, Kite Line and Tail Included
Embrace Nature, Enjoy Fresh Air, and Fly Kite with Breeze! Specification What's Included: Kite Sleeve; Kite Tail; Kite String Coiled in the Handle Bar; Instructions. All you need for kite flying Kite Wing Span: 152cm / 60-inch / 5ft Height: 78cm / 30-inch / 2.46ft Net weight: 150g / 5.29Oz Fabric Material: Polyester Rod Material: Resin Fiber Wind Range: 1.5~5bft / 3~25MPH Kite string: 100m / 320ft Delta kite is what you see most in daily life. Due to its pretty appearance, easiness to fly with, steady performance in wind, delta is popular with kids and adults, novice and professionals. emma kites delta takes perfect ratio of height and wingspan to make herself have great adaption to from light breeze to big wind. Attention: Kids are not allowed to fly kite without adult supervision. Fly kite in an open place. Never fly the kite near high buildings, tall trees, high-voltage towers, etc. Read and correctly understand the instructions and pay enough attention to the precautions before flying kites.

Product Description

DELTA KITE delta kite kite kite tail
Fun Color Delta HOLIDAY Delta Mr. Fox Rainbow Kite Tube Tail
Kite Type Delta Kite Delta Kite Diamond Kite Kite Tail
Wingspan 60" 60" 32" Long: 21‘
Height 30" 30" 32" Tube Dia.: 2.9"
Skill: Novice to Expert
delta kite

What's included: Kite, Tail, Line, Storage Bag, Instruction for use.

What's included in Kite, Tail, Line, Storage Bag, Instruction for use. Ready-to-Fly kit for you!
Size Kite Wing Span: 60-inch | 152cm; Height: 30-inch | 75cm
Kite net weight 3.95Oz / 112g
Packaging length 45 cm / 18 inch, very convenient for carrying
Kite Sail Ripstop Polyester
Kite Rod Wrapped resin rod, safer and stronger
Kite Tail Double rainbow tails in the length of 3 M / 9.8 Ft
Kite line 328 Ft (100M)50lb polyester kite line, installed on D Winder
Flying wind range 1.5~5bft / 3~25MPH
Skill Beginner to Professional


- Where to Fly Kite Wide open place is highly recommended, like beach, square, great lawn without tree, where the wind flow is not influenced by obstacles.

- ​How to Assemble Kite ​In General, kite is assembled in the following order: Leading edge spars → Vertical spars → Horizontal spars. Always keep in mind to push the leading edge spars to the bottom and leave gap on the top.

- How to Launch Kite Face the front of kite to the wind is the key of launching. Pay out kite line and wait for wind. When wind comes, release the kite and start running to add more wind push.

- ​How to Control Kite Flying The Very First Principle: Keep kite line taut When kite line has slack, take it in to keep it taut. When wind comes, seize the moment and pay out kite line rapidly to lift kite to the utmost. Higher kite flies, steadier it is.

Now, Let's start enjoying happy time!

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