ONANOFF BuddyPhones Explore Non-Foldable, Volume-Limiting Kids Headphones, Built-In Audio Sharing Cable with In-Line Mic Compatible with Fire, iPad, iPhone, and Android Devices, 2-Pack Pink and Yellow

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Product Description

BuddyPhones are created by ONANOFF, a design and technology company taking its name from the most fundamental feature of all electronics: the on and off button. Inspired by a friend looking for durable and safe headphones for his kids, we realized there weren’t many safe options on the market for children. Therefore, we decided to give parents a peace of mind and provide a safe sound solution for little ones.

According to specialists, exposure to excessive levels of sound is proven to be damaging and can cause adverse long-term effect. Researchers who study hearing loss have found that a person who is exposed to noise levels higher than 85 decibels for a prolonged period is at risk for hearing loss. Children are exposed to dangerous levels of noise on a regular basis and many devices that children use have noise levels much higher than 85 decibels. Our volume-limiting headphones keep noise levels down to World Health Organization recommended standards and look cool to boot. We also wanted to come up with a solution for parents whose little ones are constantly fighting over a device. For those that have more than one child at home and they have trouble sharing the ingenious BuddyCable audio splitter allows up to four kids to share one device, squabble-free. BuddyPhones are designed to meet the everyday challenges an ordinary family member faces and make life a little easier.

BuddyPhones Explore: Award Winning Fun and Safe Headphones Designed For Kids!

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Award Winning Design

Our BuddyPhones have been granted the coveted Bronze A’Design Award in the Baby, Kids' and Children's Products category — given to the top 10% that exhibit excellence in design. The A' Design Award and Competition is the world's largest design competition, awarding only the very best designs, concepts, products and services.

Quality Fun From ONANOFF

ONANOFF exists to make products that combine the best features of Scandinavian design, simplicity and quality, with the latest creative technology. The result is lifestyle tech accessories that enable your gadgets to do even more.

Built Tough For Your Little Adventurers! One Less Thing Parents Have to Replace

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Kid Tough

Lab-tested to meet life's challenges! BuddyPhones Explore headphones are made of strong materials that are made to survive the biggest tugs, drops and adventures!

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Discover Explore Explore Foldable Inflight
Volume Limited
Detachable cable
Inline Mic
Travel Bag
Airline Adapter
3 Volume Levels
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