Universe Point | Women's Ultimate Cleat | Designed for Ultimate Frisbee
  • DESIGN: Created for Ultimate players, our 2.0 model has a seamless and tongue-less design that offers a secure and comfortable fit in all conditions.
  • DURABILITY: Our 2.0 model uses a synthetic base plate that lies in between the studs and upper to provide exceptional structural durability. This model also includes a sleek upper design, which removes potential structural weak points and features a neoprene ankle opening for a secure and water resistant fit.
  • PATENTED CLEAT PATTERN, DESIGNED FOR ULTIMATE: Our patented outsole is designed specifically for ultimate and remains unchanged. It is rigid in the heel but flexible in the forefoot, allowing for smooth change of direction and acceleration while eliminating the ‘break in’ period for other new cleats. The stud pattern consists of distinct forefoot, midfoot, and heel areas, all with unique arrangements designed for Ultimate.
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Universe Point | Women's Ultimate Cleat | Designed for Ultimate Frisbee
Universe Point | Women's Ultimate Cleat | Designed for Ultimate Frisbee

Product Description

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why not use cleats made for other sports?

Soccer, lacrosse, and football cleats are all frequently used by ultimate athletes; however, our cleats are made specifically for Ultimate. They were designed by Ultimate players, which translates to lighter, more comfortable, durable cleats. The cleat pattern is built for lateral movement and explosive bids in ways that other cleats fall short. We make Women’s shoe sizes as well as Men’s sizes, as we know one size does not fit all!

What surface are these cleats designed for?

We designed our cleats with an aggressive and effective stud pattern to be the best cleats for ultimate on grass fields, regardless of weather conditions while playing. While our cleats may still be used on other surfaces effectively (not indoor fields), please be wary of possible extra damage caused by artificial surfaces.

How can I take proper care of my cleats?

Our removable insoles were developed with comfort and support in mind, and to stay effective they must be allowed to dry naturally. Please remove your inserts after every use of your cleats, even on dry days, and allow both the insoles and your cleats to dry. If your cleats are wet or muddy, make sure to scrape off the mud and place newspaper inside of them, after removing the insoles, for optimal drying.

What materials are used for the cleat construction?

The outside upper part of our cleat is made of antibacterial, anti-mold, microfiber leather. Microfiber leather has better a appearance and durability than leather, as well as better stretch and recovery. Micro-fiber is considered the Green Product of the 21st century. The outsole, or bottom of the cleat, is made from Thermo Polyurethane (TPU), which is a very durable product that is extremely resistant to wearing.

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