Warmables Neoprene Food Warmer for safe meals on the go, pink

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Warmables offers a variety of natural heat packs and pillows.

Some are used to keep your lunch warm with the aid of our Food Warmer Sleeves, others help relieving aches and pains instantly. We use natural cherry pit filler. Once heated the packs behave similar to a warm compress but do not request adding water. The moist heat is especially therapeutic for dry eye treatment, fibromyalgia, R/A and menstrual cramps. They are used for back aches, headaches, after the gym, warming up cold hands and feet and so much more.

Used with our Food Warmer Sleeves our little Lunch Box Warmers help keeping food warm like a thermos. They make it possible to bring a warm meal from home even if there is no microwave available. Think school, college, office and travel. Using our Lunch Box Warmers together with the Food Warmer Sleeves can help you eat healthier and stick to your diet. You can eat a home cooked meal at work or in school and save money every day.

All our heat packs are 100% natural and contain no other fillers besides cherry pits. Our packs are sustainable, reusable AND fully washable. The entire packs can be washed along with your regular clothes.

Lunch Box Warmer 3-pack

Lunch Box Warmers and Food Warmer Sleeves

Lunch Box Warmers can be purchased in 3-packs or in combination with our Food Warmer Sleeves. Heat your meal in a food storage container. Put it into the Food Warmer Sleeve along with some Lunch Box Warmer packs and go to school, work or college. Our Warmers function like a thermos BUT can hold a lot more food than a Themos without mushing it up. Containers up to 2x4x6 inches will fit. Instructions included in each shipment.

Lunch Box Warmer 3-pack

Lunch Box Warmers

Lunch Box Warmer Set Teal Paisley

Food Warmer Sleeve in teal paisley

Lunch Box Warmer Set Pink Neoprene

Food Warmer Sleeve, pink neoprene

Lunch Box Warmer Set Teal Neoprene

Food Warmer Sleeve, aqua neoprene

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