FUNSHOWCASE Small 15 Cavities Hemisphere Dome Semisphere Teacake Silicone Mold 2 in Set
  • Made from 100% European grade silicone; stronger, more flexible and durable to maintain its original shape and non-stick quality through more uses
  • Pinch test passed. No white fillers when pinched or twisted. No chemical coatings. Pure, premium quality food-grade silicone. Meets US FDA and EU LFGB safety standards. BPA, PVC and phthalate free. Easy to use mould very flexible and easy to clean, can be used in oven, dishwasher, refrigerator etc. Used within the temperature between -40~220 centigrade
  • 3D silicone round mold ( can be made a ball if stick together, and can create different sizes of dome, height and width within the mold measurement )
  • Making cakes ( such as raindrop cake, mousses, ice cream cake, chiffon cake, chocolate bombe, muffin ) , gumdrop, yogurt drop, gelatin drop, Jelly, pudding, molecular gastronomy, gum paste, fondant, melted Chocolate, make juice to ice, meat ball, candy, canapes, desserts, hand made soap, wax, bath bomb, resin epoxy. liquid polymer clay etc.
  • Dessert half sphere silicone molds set of 5 sizes, 5ml ( 1tsp 1 teaspoon 0.2oz ) 24 cavity ( around 1\" per hole ); 15ml ( 1tbsp 1 tablespoon 0.5oz ) 15 cavity ( around 1.5\" per hole ); 30ml 2 tablespoon ( 2tbsp 1oz ) 8 cavity ( around 1.9\" per hole ); 100ml (3.5oz) 6 cavity ( around 2.8\" per hole ); 130ml (4.4 oz) 5 cavity ( around 3\" per hole )
  • 2-Bundle
  • Small
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FUNSHOWCASE Small 15 Cavities Hemisphere Dome Semisphere Teacake Silicone Mold 2 in Set
FUNSHOWCASE Small 15 Cavities Hemisphere Dome Semisphere Teacake Silicone Mold 2 in Set


Product Description

Dimensions ( approximate) :

Mini (#26) 29.8x17.4x1.5 cm, 24 cells. Each cell dia 2.8cm, 5ml ( 1tsp 0.2oz ) ;

Small (#185) 29.8x17.4x1.9cm 15 cells, Each cell diametre 3.8cm, per hole volume 15ml ( 1tbsp 0.5oz ) ;

Medium (#1118) 29x17x3cm, 8 cells. Each cell dia 4.8cm, per hole 30 ml equal to 2 tablespoon ( 2tbsp 1oz ) ;

Large (#119) 29.5x17.5x3.3cm, 6 cells. Each cell dia 7cm, 100ml ( 3.5oz ) per hole ;

Extra Large (#1884) 30x17x2cm, 5 cells. Each cell dia 8cm, per hole 130ml equal to 9 tablespoons (0.5 cup 4.4 oz)

Using tips

SIMPLE RECIPE: Bee Buttercream Chocolate


INGREDIENT:White chocolate 55g, Dark chocolate 5g, Cream 50g, Sugar 25g, Butter 25g.

​STEP 1:Melt 50g white chocolate on hot water and add yellow edible food coloring, brush 1-3 layers thick enough layer on the mold, refrigerate. And the remaining chocolate set aside and place in refrigerate too.

​STEP 2:Combine cream with sugar, stir and heat till boil, sift and wait it cool down to 30 Centigrade Degree (86 Fahrenheit Degree).

​STEP 3:Stir soft button to smooth.

​STEP 4:Add “step 2” to “step 3”, refrigerate 1-2 hours, whip till snow.

​STEP 5:Add “step 4” to the mold. Heat the cold remaining cold chocolate till liquid, cool down till around 30 Centigrade Degree (86 Fahrenheit Degree), add the remaining yellow chocolate to the mold.

​STEP 6:Refrigerate the pan, unmold. Heat remain 5g black chocolate to liquid. And add the lining of the bees.

​STEP 7:Melt remain 5g white chocolate, and draw the wings on a white paper, refrigarate around 1 hour, and stick them on the bees with dark chocolate.

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