Dreamcolor Led Rope Lights Waterproof RF Remote Chase Effect Rope Lights Power Supply 4-FQ Strip Lights 16.4 ft 5M Color Changing Lights Strip Rainbow RGB LED Lights DIY Outdoor Indoor 17 Keys

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Product Description

led rope lights
led rope lights chase effect


1. 350 different dynamic modes,7 single color static modes

2. RF remote control(360°) up to 10M

3. Powered Supply: input:100-240AC,50/60Hz, output:12V,3A

4. Waterproof: IP68 waterproof

5. Speed & Brightness adjustable


1. The receiver controller working voltage:5V-24V supply voltage,please make sure the power supply voltage is matched to your controller before you powered it.

2. If the remote controller can't work after long time using,please replace new remote battery(CR2225),then try again.

3. When you use the rope lights for outdoor,please prevent the power adpater from getting wet,cause the power apapter is not waterproof.

rope lights

1. 350 different dynamic modes

2. 7 single color static modes

3. RF remote control(360°)

4. IP68 Waterproof

rope lights

strip lights

led rope lights

led strip lights

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Dreamcolor Strip Lights Remote Control Dreamcolor Strip Lights Music Bluetooth RGB Fairy Lights Music Bluetooth RGB Strip Lights Battery Powered Remote RGB Strip Lights Battery Music Bluetooth RGB Strip Lights 24Keys
Color Changing
Feature Dreamcolor Dreamcolor RGB RGB RGB RGB
Function RF remote/17Keys Music Bluetooth/Chase Effect USB/Music Bluetooth RF remote/17Keys Music Bluetooth RF Remote/24Keys
Operation RF remote/Power Supply Power Supply/APP Control USB plug in/APP Control RF remote/Battery Powered Power Supply/APP Control RF remote/Power Supply
Brightness Adjustable
Speed Adjustable
Voltage 12V/3A 12V/3A 5V/0.5A 5V/0.5A 12V/3A 12V/3A
Quantity 1Pack 2Pack 1Pack 2Pack 2Pack 1Pack
Length 16.4ft/5m 32.8ft/10m 16.4ft/5m 6.56ft/2m 32.8ft/10m 16.4ft/5m
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