Gold Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser – Countertop Bathroom Soap Dispenser, Liquid Soap Dispenser for Bathroom, Kitchen Soap Dispenser, Refillable Liquid Dispenser, Rust Proof Hand Pump, Bathroom Accessory
  • IT WORKS AS GOOD AS IT LOOKS –Strong powerful pump with thick plastic tube coupled with an exclusive design of its own, this one and only hand made polyresin hand soap dispenser is good for any shower liquid soap, hand sanitizer, shampoo & conditioner gel, body wash solution, massage oil lotion, dish soap, washing detergent, etc. With 10oz or 300ml capacity, you can readily refill the dispenser with ease as and when needed by unscrewing the cap of the pump.
  • ARTISTIC BATHROOM DÉCOR – Attractive Gold with Glittering Crystals. An exquisite foaming soap dispenser & bathroom soap dispenser for family, hotel & guestroom. A modern bath soap for farmhouse bathroom décor & kids bathroom décor. A great bathroom decorations accessories set of foam soap & shampoo dispenser for every home.
  • IDEAL FOR KITCHEN – A family’s Ideal dish soap dispenser for kitchen. A perfect home essential & centrepiece soap dispenser for kitchen sink. Family’s best kitchen set & a practical farmhouse kitchen countertop dishwashers dispenser. A great addition as kitchen decor and accessories.
  • COMBINING QUALITY & ELEGANCE – A high quality hand sanitizer with pump & an elegant foaming hand soap dispenser, or better known as “everyone hand soap dispenser”. With a durable soap dispenser pump and a designer’s appearance, we combine quality and elegance to give your home office the best of both worlds.
  • A SPECIAL GIFT – A good way to encourage and motivate hygiene is to display a dispenser that catches your attention. Get this meaningful and uniquely designed hand soap dispenser for your family members, relatives and friends.
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Gold Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser – Countertop Bathroom Soap Dispenser, Liquid Soap Dispenser for Bathroom, Kitchen Soap Dispenser, Refillable Liquid Dispenser, Rust Proof Hand Pump, Bathroom Accessory
Gold Liquid Hand Soap Dispenser – Countertop Bathroom Soap Dispenser, Liquid Soap Dispenser for Bathroom, Kitchen Soap Dispenser, Refillable Liquid Dispenser, Rust Proof Hand Pump, Bathroom Accessory


Product Description


Hand soap dispenser for bathroom hand soap dispenser plastic hand soap disinfecting hand soap refill

Gorgeous And Elegant Royal Gold Crystal-like Glass Beads Hand Made Soap Dispenser For Home, Office, Hotel, Restaurant, Wedding & Special Occasions

A carefully grafted design of a beautifully hand made Soap Dispenser can make all the difference to your environment.

Special Features :

· Exclusive Designer’s Quality

· Sturdy Polyresin Material

· Easily Refillable

· Non-Toxic Materials

· Rust Proof Pump

· Powerful Pump Suction

· Easy Maintenance

Quality And Elegance Can Co-exist; We Made It Possible!

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Godichef’s Soap Dispenser is made of Polyresin materials. Polyresin is a resin compound generally used for statues, figurines, bobbleheads and decorative furniture. It is a stone-based sturdy material that can be intricately molded, allowing a great level of detail with consistent texture. It holds paint well and can look like porcelain, but it is heavier and more durable than porcelain. This is why many decorative pieces are made from this material. We use Polymer non-toxic resin.

The rust free pump head is made of high quality hard plastic material and plated royal gold in colour with shining glossy smooth surfaces. It blends in very well with the crystal gold dispenser, and makes the entire dispenser looks like an elegant display item.

All heads will turn because the glittering effect of the crystal-like glass beads along side the royal glossy Gold is simply breathtaking.

We Pay Attention To Every Details

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The refilling of the dispenser is done by simply unscrewing the pump base in an anticlockwise direction. Do not unscrew the pump by holding on to the nozzle or it may be bent. Once you have finished refilling, fix the pump back onto the dispenser by turning the pump base in a clockwise direction until the base touches the top of the dispenser.

Compared to other brands, Godichef's soap dispenser pump comes with powerful spring mechanism for the best suction effect. It carries also a thicker and more solid tube instead of the soft and flimsy one used in the industry. The firmness of the Godichef's pump tube makes it more steady and straight, and this allows the fluid to flow through it more easily.

All the soap dispensers come with similar neck dimension (1.02" in diameter, including the threads and 0.39" in height). Hence, the pump is interchangeable among the dispensers. The inner material of the dispenser is a hard plastic layer for the purpose of preserving the original quality of the solution or any soap liquid that you may have put in. It is also easier for the cleaning of the inner layer of the dispenser, usually by way of rinsing it with plain water.

6 Exclusive High Quality Soap Dispenser Designs for The Exquisite Touch To Your Interior Designs

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The Godichef Hand Soap Liquid Dispenser is specially crafted by hand and genuinely designed to cater for the various interior design requirements of the American homes, corporate office, family restaurant or even prestigious hotel, from modern to contemporary to modern classic, pure classical or country styles interior design concepts.

Notes :

(1) If the exterior of the dispenser is stained, the non-porous polyresin material can simply be wiped down with a damp cloth or cleaned with plain soap and water. Please do not attempt to use detergent or other chemical solutions to clean the dispenser, otherwise, you may damage its surfaces.

(2) Our delivery is done professionally, but in case your product arrived damaged, incorrect or incomplete for some unexpected reasons, please allow us an opportunity to make up for it. For any enquiry about replacement or refund, kindly seek assistance at or call phone number : 1-888-280-4331 for a direct reply. The support is available at all time.

Thank you very much for the purchase and have a blessed day!

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