Nantucket Spider Extra Strength Tick Repellent Spray 2-Pack Bundle | Natural with Organic Essential Oils | Repels Ticks | DEET Free, Vegan and Cruelty-Free | Perfect for Adults and Kids

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Nantucket Spider Extra-Strength Tick Repellent

travel pack tick repellent essential oils deet free natural bug spray

The Official Bug Spray of the Road Less Traveled

Longer days and warmer weather are Mother Earth's way of letting you know that it’s the perfect time for being outdoors. The start of spring means that months of camping, hiking, days at the beach, or having a BBQ in your backyard are just around the corner. However, warmer weather also signals the beginning of tick season in North America. If you live in a wooded, marshy, or grassland area, chances are you've had more than one encounter with these nasty pests.

There are very good reasons for why many Americans and Canadians are concerned when it comes to deer ticks. However, we at Nantucket Spider also believe that ticks and other biting insects should never be a reason to stop you from enjoying the outdoors. With the right precautionary measures, you can keep yourself safe from ticks.

Over the years we have come up with a highly effective natural tick repellent formula that independent lab test have shown to repel 92% of deer ticks. Made from a carefully-selected blend of organic, steam-distilled essential oils, including clove, geranium, peppermint, cedarwood, spearmint, rosemary, and cinnamon, Nantucket Spider's extra-strength tick repellent works extremely well and is safe for both adults and children. Our water-based formula does not contain DEET or any chemical dispersants and can be applied directly to skin and clothing without leaving a sticky, greasy trace.

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