Year of Plenty 12-Inch Bamboo Cabbage Tamper - for Packing Sauerkraut and Other Healthy Fermented Foods into Mason Jars

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Product Description

Why should you choose a Year of Plenty cabbage tamper?

At Year of Plenty, we live by the following mission statement:

"Our mission is to help our customers lead more healthy, independent and self-sufficient lives by provideing high quality, safe products to every customer, every time"

  • Quality: We insist on using the best materials to create sturdy, long-lasting products. We use our products in our own personal lives. We listen to our customers and make adjustments to meet your needs.
  • Safety: ​We spare no expense to make sure our products pass all the recommended safety tests for sale in the US, Europe, Canada and Mexico. We use respected 3rd party testing labs to verify the safety of all our products.

Our cabbage tampers are custom designed to be the perfect dimensions for ANY size mason jar

Our tampers are 12 inches long.  Perfect for packing your ferments tightly into your jars. No more scraped knuckles!

One side is used for wide mouth jars, the other for regular mouth.  


Your journey toward health, wellness and self-sufficiency starts now

At Year of Plenty, it is our goal to help our customers become more Self-Sufficient, Independent and Healthy. Our line of fermentation supplies will help you perserve your food safely and effectively.

What will you do with all those fresh veggies from your garden? Do what our ancestors did in the not-so-distant-past: ferment them.

Create healthy, tasty, inexpensive dishes such as sauerkraut, kimchi and pickles

Fermentation allows you to provide your family with healthy, probiotic-rich foods all winter long.

Now is the time to relearn the lost art of fermentation!

Bamboo is known to be strong, tough and safe.

Our cabbage tampers are virtually unbreakable. Take our word for it. We tried very hard to break one and could not do it!

Your cabbage tamper is part of our complete line of fermenting supplies. 

It can be purchased by itself or as part of a fermenting kit which includes fermentation weights and fermenting lids.  

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