Sili Glue Roller for Applying Glue to Larger Surface Areas
  • Designed to work together, the Sili Glue Roller and the Sili Glue Tray help you make quick work of larger glue up projects. It doesn’t matter if you’re an arts and crafts hobbyist, a professional woodworker or model making enthusiast, this combo pack will be a useful tool when you need to perform larger glue ups on your projects.
  • The Sili Glue Roller is made with angled grooves which allow the glue to be worked into the roller and help retain the glue on the roller. The recessed grooves also keep the glue from dripping too quickly and gives you ample time to apply the glue to your project regardless of size. The grooves also allow just enough glue “flow-through” to keep things rolling with minimal resistance. This also helps to keep the roller from gliding or skating across the wood when applying the glue.
  • The roller itself is a has no protruding metal on one side to allow for flush passes on your glue ups. This means you can apply glue right up against another board and have no worries about marring that work piece. This also makes it easier to glue right up to the edge of your project.
  • As with all our high quality Sili Brand items, the Sili Roller is made for silicone which means it is heat resistant, solvent resistant and it is super easy to clean. Simply run the roller under warm water and work the glue off until its clean. You can also let the glue dry and peel it right off.
  • The roller measures approx .8” in diameter and the roller with the handle measures approx. 5.14” in overall length making perfect for woodworkers, arts, crafts and school projects. Works with wood glues, polyurethane glues, white school glues and more!
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Sili Glue Roller for Applying Glue to Larger Surface Areas
Sili Glue Roller for Applying Glue to Larger Surface Areas


Product Description

silicone glue rolling device with aluminum knurled handle
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Ideal for Arts, Crafts, Woodworking project and more!

The Sili Roller makes quick work of larger glue up projects that we tend to encounter more often than not. Made from silicone rubber the roller is the perfect blend of softness and rigidity to apply glue to most any type of surface including wood, paper, mdf, fiber board, composites and more! The Sili Roller is also small enough to get into tight spaces when needed.

silicone clean

Rinse, Dry and Reuse

When you're all finished up for the day, cleanup couldn't be easier. Simply run the roller under warm tap water and work the glue off with your fingers. Let the roller completely dry then you can start using the roller for your next glue up project.

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The easy way out...

Lets face it, we all hate cleaning up after our projects are done. Or rinsing and drying the roller just may not be within workshop time constraints that day. Well, the great thing about the Sili Roller and the silicone material we used to form the roller is that you can let the glue dry overnight so it cracks and peels right off of the roller in seconds revealing a clean, ready to use Sili Roller!

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Yellow glue, white glue and more

The Sili Roller can be used with standard wood glues (yellow) or even standard school glues (white) for most any type of project. The roller works with most any type of polyurethane adhesive.

titebond 3M rustoleum


Why yes it is, well grooved to more exact. The grooves on the roller are for more than just appearance. The grooves help retain the adhesive so it doesn't drip is quickly. This allows you more time to apply the glue to your work surfaces.

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