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Eyelash Are Not Curling Enough?

Curling Eyelash Is Time Consuming And Hurts?

It's time to use JDO heated eyelash curler, which give you an amazing eyelash curling experience, no pain any more and you will enjoy the process of easy curl your eyelash. It creates a dramatic, swooping curl with absolutely no tugging, no pulling, and no broken lashes

electric eyelash curler for women

There are several reasons why our heated eyelash curlers are just the right solution for that natural look with properly made-up, thick, long, upturned eyelashes.

Speed: The addition of heat means that it only takes a few seconds to curl up your eyelashes.

Long lasting: Eyelashes treated with the heated curler last for a whole day.

More precision: You can get closer to the root and select a better angle.

No pinching: There is no danger of pinching your eyelids (and we can surely remember how that hurts!).

No force: You don’t need to tug and pull to achieve the desired effect, which is especially important for fragile eyelashes.

One direction: For sparse or extremely thick, unruly eyelashes that go into different directions the heated eyelash curler is the way to tame them!

heated eyelash curler rechargeable

Professional Beauty Heated Eyelash Curler Makeup Tool

curl electric eyelashes curler pen
electric eyelash curler

Expert Tips:

1. Allow your mascara to dry fully if you plan to use your heated eyelash curler after you apply it.

2. To make sure the heated eyelash curler isn't too hot, test it quickly agaist the back of your hand before curling your eyelashes.

3. Make sure to clean your heated eyelash curler regularly by wiping it down with a cotton round dampened with makeup remover when it is cool.

4. It is recommended to use a mascara with a lower curing agent content, high curing agent may damage the comb of the curler.

heating eyelash curler
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