Little One's Pad Pack N Play Crib Mattress Cover - 27" X 39" - Fits Most Baby Portable Cribs, Play Yards and Foldable Mattresses - Waterproof, Dryer Safe - Comfy and Soft Fitted Crib Protector

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Product Description

baby on pack and play mattress pad cover for the PNP crib fitted sheet baby on mattress protector

Tired of using crib mattress covers that don’t fit properly, shrink, leak or tear up after only a few uses? We have the perfect solution for you!

Little One's Pad proudly presents...

The Ideal Pack 'N Play & Portable Crib MATTRESS COVER / PROTECTOR:

  • It fits all sizes perfectly, it will not shrink, it stays in place and it will not get lumpy. The long elastic skirt, ensures a snug fit on most portable, mini, foldable and pack N play mattresses. The cover measures 27" L x 39" W x 5" H (please see more about fitting exceptions below)
  • It is quiet and comfortable, with just the right amount of padding
  • It is machine washable & dryer safe
  • It is long-lasting and will withstand years of intense use and washing
  • It is safe (design-wise and in terms of the materials used) and it is chemical free
  • It is a must-have for any mommy and the best gift for any new parent

Well Researched and Meticulously Tested

baby in pack and play with mattress cover

We manufactured the mattress cover with 4 layers for optimum protection and comfort:

- The first layer is a soft peach microfiber, quilted

- The second layer is a very absorbent poly cluster fiber filling. We use just the right amount of filling (see below)

- The third layer is a special waterproof lining that prevents any leaks. The waterproof backing is made out of TPU (Polyurethane) and it is Vinyl/PVC-Free, Phthalate-Free, Lead Free and BPA free

- The fourth layer is a proprietary coating for the waterproof membrane to help strengthen it and make it heat safe (so it won't melt/peel/tear during the washing or drying of the pad in the dryer)

The Highest Quality on the Market

Most crib mattress covers use thin threads, unprotected waterproof lining and cheap materials which cause them to be a poor fit, shrink, melt in the dryer and tear up after only a few washes. We use strong threads, reinforced seams, protected waterproof lining and top notch fibers to make this a soft but long-lasting crib mattress cover that will withstand HUNDREDS of washing & drying cycles and that will never shrink!

How Much Padding (Filling) Do We Use?

Similar amount of filling to a lightly padded sheet. Working closely with multiple chiropractors and pediatricians and after countless hours of research and development, we finally found the right amount of filling needed to make this pad safe for babies and still add some much needed comfort on the hard PNP mattress. Our product strikes the perfect balance between a pad and a cover, lightweight yet comfortable, designed to help your baby have a safe and healthy sleep every time.

We don't use very much padding and this is mainly for safety reasons (with a very plush pad there is a risk of suffocation and a risk of unhealthy spine development - if a baby sleeps on it).

machine wash and dry soft quilted pack and play mattress cover

A Perfect Fit on Most Pack 'N Play, Mini Crib or Portable Mattresses

Our cover measures 27" X 39" with a 5" deep elastic skirt.

We fit mattresses that are 1" thick all the way up to 5" thick. The most popular pnp mattresses we fit are 25.5" X 37.5", 24" X 38" or similar sizes. Our cover works with almost all aftermarket brand name pack and play mattresses.

How To Install The Cover In 3 Easy Steps

  1. Take the mattress out of the pack and play
  2. Install the cover (properly adjust the cover around the corners of the mattress)
  3. Put the mattress back in the pack and play

You can also put it on while the mattress is inside the pack and play, but that makes it more difficult and requires more adjustment around the corners.

Fitting Exceptions

This cover fits most standard pack n play, mini crib and portable mattress but because of the sheer variety of mattresses on the market, there are 3 exceptions:

  • It is is too big for the special Travel LITE pack 'n play models
  • It is not a great fit on a square shaped mattress
  • If used with a 1" thin & foldable mattress, the cover may bunch up. In this case, a thicker mattress is recommended.

Does It Work With Bassinet Setting?

Our cover fits perfectly whether you use the mattress on the very bottom of the pack 'n play or in a bassinet setting (where the mattress is in a raised position).

However, in some rare cases, using the bassinet setting with a 1" thin, foldable PNP mattress, may cause the cover to be too tight and bunch up.

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