Nautical Portable Changing Pad Diaper Clutch - Small Diaper Bag with Complete Baby Changing Station for Busy Moms On The Go | Waterproof Mat, Wipes Holder and Crossbody Shoulder Strap Included

Product Description

When designing this portable changing pad, called the Diaper Clutch Plus, we had a very specific type of woman in mind. She is MODERN- constantly adapting to the environment around her and she is a MOMMY- always one step ahead of her children’s needs. She is STYLISH and PRACTICAL and does not want to trade fashion for function. We named this amazing woman, Modish Mommy. Here is what we know about her:

  • A Modish Mommy is always PREPARED - So we added extra pockets to our diaper clutch, offering more storage than competing brands. This way mom can pack baby essentials, an extra baby outfit and multiple diapers inside the interior pockets. She can store her cell phone, credit cards and other belongings in the exterior pocket. There is even room to store a few small snacks. Our wipes holder is made of elastic straps that stretch to secure wet wipes of multiple sizes and allows mom easy access with one hand.

  • A Modish Mommy needs FREEDOM - Thus, we are the first portable changing pad to offer a cross body / shoulder strap in addition to the diaper clutch wrist strap. Now, mom can be "hands on" with her baby rather than "hands full" with bulky diaper bags.

  • A Modish Mommy values FASHION & FUNCTION- No one will know that you’re “cute purse” transforms into a portable changing station that is equipped with everything needed to make diaper changing on-the-go quick and easy while also protecting little ones from germs and cold, hard surfaces found on public changing stations.

  • A Modish Mommy wants CHOICES- Each mom is different and her packing needs vary depending on her unique style and situation. The faux buckle closure on the front of our diaper clutch wraps around the back and adjusts for different capacity levels. This allows mom the flexibility to decide how much or how little she wants to pack in her portable changing station. We recommend keeping our Modish Mommy diaper caddy in your car, fully stocked with baby essentials, and using it as a "stocking station" when refilling your diaper clutch as you go!

  • A Modish Mommy loves UNIQUE baby gifts: Our diaper clutch is a unique baby shower gift that will make any mother-to-be smile big. For those wanting to go the extra mile, pre-stuff the diaper clutch with some of your favorite essentials and have fun getting creative!
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