Handmade Lokta Laser and Inkjet Computer Paper (25 Sheets, Katshulha)
  • HANDMADE COMPUTER PAPER: 25 Sheets of 8 1/2 by 11 inches, Non-tree Vintage Paper made from the Lokta bush grown in the high altitude of the Himalayan Mountains.
  • TRADITIONALLY-DYED PAPER: The rich color of the Katshulha paper is derived from natural dyes created from the small Kerria Lacca (Lac) insect that attaches itself to Kusumbh and Tesu trees.
  • COMPUTER PAPER: For inkjet and laser printers, or for use in crafts, origami, or scrapbooking, the pages contain natural flecks from the lokta bark and a unique “screened” texture on the side used to make the paper and the other, a natural texture.
  • SUN-KISSED IN THE HIMALAYAS: Lokta bush strips are cooked into a mash and then spread by hand over boxed screens and set to dry on the Himalayan Mountainside. This process forms the one-of-a-kind Lokta paper.
  • HAND-CRAFTED IN NEPAL: Supports Nepalese artisans and preserves a 1,000-year-old Nepalese tradition of paper making by hand.
  • 25 Sheets
  • Katshulha
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Handmade Lokta Laser and Inkjet Computer Paper (25 Sheets, Katshulha)
Handmade Lokta Laser and Inkjet Computer Paper (25 Sheets, Katshulha)


Product Description

The World's Finest Handmade, Non-Tree Computer Paper

Handcrafted in the Himalayas and used anciently for sacred texts, Lokta paper has been a staple of Nepalese artisans for centuries.

The paper is made from Lokta bushes which grow on the southern slopes of the Nepali Himalayas between 5,250 and 13,000 feet. When properly cut, the bushes can produce three to eight new, fast-growing shoots making Lokta paper one of the most sustainable, non-tree papers.

Also called Nepali Paper, Lokta paper is used for many official Nepali government documents. Lokta fibers are "cooked" in vats to soften and create a pulp that is spread over wood-framed screens and set to dry in the Himalayan sun.

The paper is hand made in the rural, high altitude villages of Nepal and then carried down the Himalayas using the traditional paths and pack animals (donkeys) for transport. The fine texture from the screens can be seen and felt in the finished product adding to the beauty and uniqueness of the paper.

Lokta paper is acid-free and is widely regarded as one of the world’s finest hand-made papers.

Natural Printer and Computer Paper from Nepal

One of the oldest insect dyes comes from the resin from an insect called Kerria Lacca (Lac as in shellac) that attaches itself to Kusumbh and Tesu trees. The natural dye creation happens in three phases.

Phase I - Broodlac: The first stage involves "broodlac," or a starter stick with the eggs of the Kerria Lacca attached to the stick which is then attached to the tree used for cultivation.

Phase II - Sticklac: Once hatched the kerria lacca colonize the branches and release a rich red resin. Coated branches are harvested and the result is the second stage called "sticklac."

Phase III - Seedlac: Impurities are removed and the resin is washed. The resin peices once cleaned are then referred to as "seedlac." Further processesing can be performed to turn the seedlac into actual shellac.

A Natural Dye used Throughout History and in Modern Day

Dye from this bug was used to color the uniforms of the British Redcoats, but can also create a rich pink (“Pink Coats” anyone?). The dye and shellac is also used in nail polish, and even foods (yes, foods, especially sweets). Our paper sheets are dyed by hand with this rich resin creating a beautiful pink color.

Pink Natural Lokta Paper for Computer Printing Crafts and Writing
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