ZAKIA MIAMI Hand Sanitizer Gel (6 Pack x 10 oz $6.49) Denatured Ethanol 40B Alcohol-Based Luxurious Lubrizol Crosspolymer – Soothing, Hydrating Sanitizer with Pure Organic Argan Oil – Made in the USA

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Product Description

ZMcare Hand Sanitizer Gel with Alcohol

ZAKIA MIAMI Hand Sanitizer Gel Denatured Ethanol 40B Alcohol-Based Luxurious Lubrizol Crosspolymer – Soothing, Hydrating Sanitizer with Pure Organic Argan Oil – Made in the USA with Full SDS Safety Data Sheet, Patented & Trademarked Formula

ZMcare Hand Sanitizer comes with two convenient 6-pack and 12-pack purchasing options, contains 70% alcohol formula with 63% of bottle's content.

  • KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN with a premium hand sanitizer gel that will remove dirt, dust and contaminants from your skin, while moisturizing your hands and leaving them with unscented natural fresh feeling.

  • PROTECT YOUR HANDS FROM DRYNESS: Infused with pure Argan oil, our herbal moisturizing hand sanitizer formula will not dry your hands, but will leave them soft, smooth and hydrated even if you wash them frequently.

  • ULTRA-CONVENIENT WATERLESS SANITIZER: Clean your hands at home or in your work environment with this convenient rinse-less hand sanitizer. Wet your hands thoroughly with the soap and allow it to dry without wiping. Our hand sanitizer gel does not leave sticky feeling in your hands. Denatured ethanol 40B alcohol has natural scent and is an ingredient only used by leading U.S. manufacturers.

  • FRESHEN UP YOUR HANDS ON THE GO: Toss this travel-friendly sanitizer bottle in your bag, to have it with you all day. Clean your hands on the trip, in the street, at the restaurant, on public transport, and in the office.

  • CLEAN YOUR KIDS' HANDS: Made of non-irritating ingredients, free of parabens and phthalates, our natural hand sanitizer is ideal for adults and kids. For children under 6, please use under adult supervision.
ZMcare Hand Sanitizer 6-Pack

Now You Can Finally Clean, Moisturize And Deodorize Your Hands! Need a natural, soothing and moisturizing alcohol-based hand rub for home, the office, your trips, travels or your daily out and about? Presenting An Elite Hand Sanitizer with Pure Argan Oil! Enough with the poor quality Chinese antibacterial hand sanitizers that smell like jet fuel and leave your skin dull and dry, inefficient bulk refill hand washes that leave dirt on your hands and hand gel pump soaps that irritate your sensitive skin. The ZAKIA MIAMI washless hand sanitizer is here to keep your hands perfectly clean, while deeply hydrating, renewing and calming their skin.

Why Choose Our Soothing Hand Sanitizer Gel?

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons!

INVIGORATE YOUR DRY SKIN: Unlike many hand sanitizers that leave your skin dry, our gentle hand wash contains a max concentration of natural moisturizers Argan Oil, Aloe Vera and Glycerin, which leave your skin velvety-soft.

KEEP YOUR HANDS VELVETY-SOFT: Instead of wasting money on harsh, imported hand sanitizers from unknown sources, you can invest in an alcohol-based hand sanitizer which is gentle enough to hydrate your skin, while removing dirt gathered on it during your daily activities.

WASH YOUR HANDS ANYTIME: Parabens, phthalates and cruelty-free, our hand sanitizer is ideal for all skin types of men, women and children. And it comes in a safe, portable bottle, for on-the-spot hand sanitation everywhere. Our durable pump is ideal for many refills!

Need More Reasons?

✔ Soothing And Hydrating For Skin - Great For Frequent Use

✔ Refreshing Natural Scent without Added Fragrance

✔ Free Of Harmful Chemicals

Keep Your Hands Clean At All Times!

ZMcare Hand Sanitizer 10 oz/300 mL 12-Pack
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