Baby Neck Tie Milestone Stickers by The Hamptons Baby, 13-Pack of Monthly Belly Milestones for Baby - Neck Tie Month Stickers for The First Year

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The Hamptons Baby brings you Monochrome Baby Milestone Stickers!

Let us help you create beautiful photos of treasured milestones so you and your family can look back and remember them forever!

Share these moments with family and friends to keep them up to date on all your little ones Milestones.

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These Tie Sticker monthly markers are designed so they can be worn with anything and still give you that adorable little gentleman look!

These are measured to grow with your baby! Our 'Just Born' Tie measures just 6" long so it will fit perfectly on you new bundle and then every 3 months they get a little bit longer to accommodate his growing!

A monochrome palette can be worn with any color and not clash!

The simple chalkboard style is sleek while still fun and baby friendly!

Your adorable growing baby will get to show off those milestones proudly AND fashionably.

✓ The simple, monochrome chalkboard style designs are perfect with any onesie. They won't clash!

✓ 13 Baby Month Stickers, Newborn -12 Months – One sticker every month!

✓ Sticky and long lasting, but won't damage clothes!

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