AvoSeedo Grass Head - Funny Fast Growing Grass Head Learning Toy for Kids (Butterfly)
  • FUNNY FACES – Pick your grass head growing kit and get ready for fun! From Mixed Animal Heads, Mixed Comic Heads, or Mixed Emotion Heads, there’s a grass head for everyone.
  • FAST GROWING PLANT SEEDS – Pick your shaggy friend and watch him grow “hair” before your eyes! Put your green friend in a bowl and in just a few short days his grass hair will grow. You can trim it and style it, or you can watch your friend’s grass hair tower taller and taller.
  • EDUCATIONAL FUN – These easy-growing grass seeds are a fantastic eco-friendly educational tool to help your child learn about the Earth. With soil, nutrients, and silly faces, you can learn about nature and have fun all in one!
  • EASY GROWING GRASS SEEDS – With next to no preparation required, this fun grass head doll is perfect for kids or for adults who want to spruce up their office with some eco-friendly decoration.
  • FRIENDLY AND NON-HAZARDOUS – This grass head growing kit is not only easy to use and fun to watch, but it’s good for the environment and safe to use for all ages too. With this grass head kit, you can learn and trim and decorate your grass gift, making the world a happier, more eco-friendly place one grass head doll at a time.
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AvoSeedo Grass Head - Funny Fast Growing Grass Head Learning Toy for Kids (Butterfly)
AvoSeedo Grass Head - Funny Fast Growing Grass Head Learning Toy for Kids (Butterfly)

Product Description

AvoSeedo Grass Heads - Gardening your hairstyle

The AvoSeedo Grass Heads are a super fun way for kids to enjoy gardening in an entertaining way that produces fast results.

Grass Heads are a brilliant garden activity for kids of all ages. Once the grass is growing on the funny looking heads, you can start styling and trimming
the grass to produce a funky looking hairstyle.

Grass Heads are great educational green thumb gifts that will cultivate fun, craft and responsibility.

How Grass Heads work

When ordering our AvoSeedo Grass Heads, you can decide between an Animal Head, an Emoji Head and a Comic Head.

Once you have chosen your category, we will randomly send you one of the funny faces in this category.

Each AvoSeedo Grass Head contains sawdust along with grass seeds which, when watered, sprout like hair on the top of the Grass head character.

The best part, it only takes between 4 and 7 days until your kids will see the “hair” growing.

Our Grass Heads

Our fun AvoSeedo Comic Grass Heads will bring a smile on everybody's face no matter the age. Once you give your Comic Grass Head the hairstyle of your choosing, you can share the results with your friends and other AvoSeedo Grass Head Stylists.

The AvoSeedo Animal Grass Heads will make the styling of fun looking hairstyles even more fun. Once you give your Animal Grass Head a cool hairstyle, you can share your results with your friends and our community and start over with a new haircut right away. There is no right or wrong, just lots of fun!

Giving your nerdy, sad, happy, funny, crazy looking Emoji Grass Head a new hairstyle will make your kids day. Since the “hair” is growing really fast, this project will keep your kids attention and improve their crafty green thumb. Watch out for your kid asking to take care of your backyard lawn soon.

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