WonderSip One-Click Open Reusable Straw for Easy and Effective Cleaning - 4pcs Pack Butterfly Standard 8" (Clear Teal/Clear)
  • 🌎NO BRUSH NEEDED! Simply click open to clean in various ways
  • 🌎Crafted in a ONE-PIECE DESIGN so you’ll never lose a part!
  • 🌎UNIQUE BUTTON Styles - Can also use the button as a straw holder. Fits in most lids
  • 🌎TWO WAY USE - Sip in style with the button up or reverse the straw to use the button as a straw stopper
  • 🌎Comes with a reusable linen CARRYING POUCH (sustainably made, of course!)
  • Clear Teal/Clear
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WonderSip One-Click Open Reusable Straw for Easy and Effective Cleaning - 4pcs Pack Butterfly Standard 8" (Clear Teal/Clear)
WonderSip One-Click Open Reusable Straw for Easy and Effective Cleaning - 4pcs Pack Butterfly Standard 8" (Clear Teal/Clear)


Product Description

one click open straw

The Revolutionary One-Click Open Reusable Straw

With just one click, you can easily open the straw to clean or simply toss in the dishwasher with the rest of your utensils.

Finally, there is no need to wonder what kind of germs are hiding inside your reusable straw. Sip happily ever after with WonderSip!

How it works

One-Piece Design, Convenient To Clean

Cleaning has never been easier with our WonderSip straw. With One-Click Open technology, you can effectively clean your straw in various ways without worrying about any nasty hidden surprises.

  • Wash It - With our One-Click Open technology, simply click it open and wash it under warm water and soap!
  • Rinse/Wipe It - Who really has the time to go to the public bathroom to clean their reusable straw with a pipe cleaner? If you're on the go and don't have time to clean it right away, just rinse/wipe it and store it away for later!
  • Put it in the Dishwasher - Just click it open and throw it in the dishwasher to clean. No extra steps necessary, or needed.
2 way uses, flip as a stopper

Problems with Other Alternative Straws

Although current reusable straws help to combat the huge single-use plastic waste problem, they contain their own complications. Many alternatives have a weird taste & texture that makes drinking not fun! Who said saving the planet would leave a bad taste in your mouth?

Not only do these alternatives suck, but they're also basically hard to clean! The inside of straws is a breeding ground for nasty, hidden germs who thrive in dark, moist places. Without having a way to clean the inside effectively (let's face it, pipe cleaners are not the best tools to clean the inside of these thin straws), these germs grow and multiply! And guess what happens when you decide to take a sip of your favorite drink with your moldy, contaminated reusable straw? What's even worse is that you can't see what's going on inside the straw. Sorry, you're not invited to this party.

cocktail regular size smoothie size milkshake size long size combo bundle
Leaf Junior Butterfly Standard Butterfly Jumbo Dolphin Classic Leaf Long Glow in the Dark Green Combo
Length 6 inch 8 inch 8 inch 8.5 inch 10.5 inch 8 inch
Diameter 8 mm 8 mm 12 mm 8 mm 8 mm 8 mm & 12 mm
BPA Free
Dishwasher Safe
No Brush Needed
Two Way Use
One Click Open
One Piece: Never Lose a Part
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