HDE Halloween Suspenders for Men Women Theme Print Suspender for Costumes
  • 42 & 48 inch y-back suspenders are unisex to fit men and women of all shapes and sizes
  • Adjustable heavy duty clips give a strong hold so you they'll stay up for your cosplay event, Halloween party, or costume theme party
  • Available in various themes, these suspenders for women and men are the perfect accessory for any costume such as clowns, TV serial killer, Comic book superhero theme, a hunter or a lumberjack, or your favorite twins from that Cat book
  • Perfect to match that geeky nerd look you're after for Halloween
  • Adjustable up to 42 inch length fit most 5'0\"- 5'9\" | 48 inch length fits most 5'7\"- 6\"1\"
  • 42 inches
  • Crime Scene
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HDE Halloween Suspenders for Men Women Theme Print Suspender for Costumes
HDE Halloween Suspenders for Men Women Theme Print Suspender for Costumes

Product Description


Gentlemen, a pair of HDE y-back clip-on suspenders are a must-have for any grown man. With multiple colors and patterns to choose from, you can wear a different pair of clip-on suspenders nearly every day of the month if you want! New and improved metal clips allow these suspenders to securely attach to any trousers. Wear out when you're doing yard work, or wear them to you next friend's wedding and you'll be sure to catch everyone's eye. Lose the belt; suspenders are IN, and nothing says sexy like a refined style sense.

But ladies, these are for you too! Pairing these suspenders with your favorite skater skirt is one of the easiest and most popular ways a girl can add suspenders to her wardrobe. It's a very simple way to transform your look, but if that's not your speed, try a pair out with your favorite tailored work pants or skinny jeans. Black suspenders are always a safe choice, but don't be afraid to try out some fun patterns! Find your inner Robin Williams and start adding our rainbow suspenders to your regular outfits.

Clip On Suspenders

Halloween Skeletons Wearing Suspenders


Between Halloween, theme parties, or anime and comic conventions, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to flex your costuming muscles (or bones)!

Whether you're looking to be a dangerous mobster (pinstripe suspenders!), an intrepid reporter, a grown up minion (blue suspenders!), a funny clown (rainbow suspenders!)... a scary clown, or looking to do your best Urkel this year (he rocked quite the assortment of colorful suspenders... feel free to choose your favorite!), a pair of HDE's y-back suspenders are just what you need to make your costume perfect this year. We've got just about every color you could ever want and some patterns in case solid color suspenders aren't what you're looking for this year!

These suspenders are adjustable at two points; each of the straps has an adjustable silver buckle on the front to extend or shorten the length of the straps. Manufactured from high-quality woven elastic polyester, rest assured that these suspenders are a fashion accessory meant to last.

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