KAIWEETS 4000 Counts TRMS Auto-Ranging Digital Multimeter/Ohmmeter/Voltmeter Diode 1.5v/9v Real-Time Accurate Battery Voltage Tester with NCV Function

Product Description


UPGRADED VERSION: New gear dial design, improved the meter from 2000 counts without Auto-ranging to 4000 counts with Auto-ranging function for more convenient measurement, added True RMS, Max data hold function.

Special Note: We are grateful to our customers for purchasing our products and sharing their shopping and usage experiences below, while some of them have uploaded product photos and videos. Since the gear dial after our product upgrade is different from the previous low-level version, customers will be confused after reading the previous user experiences, images and videos. Hereby explain that this is a normal upgrade to provide customers with better products, please rest assured to buy.

SCREEN:The displayed value can be clearly read even in low light. This is a high performance, high reliability, compact handheld digital multimeter with automatic range.

BATTERY TEST: Unique battery real-time voltage test function; When you select the battery test function on the wheel(1.5V or 9V), you will get the real-time accurate voltage data of the battery.

NCV:Place the multimeter close to the AC voltage source (no wire is required) and the multimeter will display the voltage and give a corresponding prompt.

Wide range of applications: car repair,industrial circuit inspection,home circuit check, battery testing and so on.

Upgraded Specification:

● Safety Level/Certification: IEC-61010-1 CATⅢ 600V, double insulation

● Overload Display: Display OL

● DC Voltage: 400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V±(0.5%+3)

● AC Voltage: 400mV/4V/40V/400V/600V±(1.0%+3)

● DC Current: 400uA/4000uA/40mA/400mA±(1.2%+3); 10A±(2.0%+3)

● AC Current: 400uA/4000uA/40mA/400mA±(1.5%+3); 10A±(2.0%+3)

● Resistance: 400Ω/4KΩ/40KΩ/400KΩ±(1.0%+3); 4MΩ/40MΩ±(1.0%+3)

Package Content:

1 x Digital Multimeter

1 x Test Leads

2 x AAA Battery

1 x User Manual

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Kaiweets Multimeter Basic Kaiweets Multimeter with LED Jacks Kaiweets Spannungsprüfer Kaiweets SiliconeTest Leads
AC / DC Voltage AC Voltage
AC / DC Current
Resistance / Continuity
Capacity / Frequency / Temperature
Maximum Display 4000 Counts 6000 Counts
Selection Area Auto Auto 12-1000V/48-1000V
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