SPLASHPAD Baby - Bathroom Sink Bath Mat (Bathroom Pink Unicorn)
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SPLASHPAD Baby - Bathroom Sink Bath Mat (Bathroom Pink Unicorn)
SPLASHPAD Baby - Bathroom Sink Bath Mat (Bathroom Pink Unicorn)

Product Description

I love babies, and I know how hard it is to be a mom with so many things to do. My name is Heather and I'm the founder and inventor of SPLASHPAD. As a mom, I created these products as a simple solution to a common problem, and hope to share the same benefits with you and your family.

SPLASHPAD sink area mats are the perfect accessories for families with babies and small children because this is such a precious and busy time in moms and families’ lives. As women, we all have things yelling at us…the laundry, dishes, groceries, work, etc. With babies and toddlers, there is lots of washing at the sink; baths, blown out pants, teeth, face, hands, and bottles. The sink area gets wet and we need one less thing to do. SPLASHPAD gives moms and dads peace of mind that they don’t have to clean up the sink area. Our kitchen and bathroom products are convenient and help save time so you can focus on what matters most...your family.

Our patented SPLASHPAD mats were designed with your baby's safety in mind. These multipurpose mats keep your counters free from excess water that splashes while giving your infant a bath in the sink. They keep your shirt, counters, cabinets and floors dry with no clean up.


Our products are made with soft, quick dry, absorbent microfiber, and a water-resistant, nonslip backside with rubber grip. The rubber, non-skid backing is superior to a towel, which slides easily on a countertop.

SPLASHPAD mats are washable and reusable, providing an easy, waste free solution to keeping the countertop area clean and dry.

SPLASHPAD mats also keeps mom’s and dad’s shirts dryer while bathing baby, but we can't say for sure that your little one isn't an Olympic Splasher. Unlike a bathtub they will outgrow, our SPLASHPAD is useful for years. As your child grows, it will be helpful on a daily basis to keep your kitchen and bathroom sink areas clean. Little hands make big messes so leave it on all the time. Just toss it in the washer and dryer, and it's ready to be used again.

Popular uses include:

  1. Improves bath time safety
  2. Bottle washing and drying
  3. Easy kids arts and crafts clean-up
  4. Drying toys
  5. Keeping toothpaste off counters
  6. Changing diapers
  7. Keeping counters clean and dry after handwashing
  8. Portable and packs easily for travel
  9. Keeping clothes and pajamas dry
  10. Keeping floors dry and safer from slips.

SPLASHPAD is also a great baby shower gift!

The sink countertop mats come in two sizes designed to fit your undermount kitchen and bathroom sinks. Fully adjustable using snaps to fit most standard sink sizes and shapes.


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Finally...something better than just a towel!

Our Bathroom SPLASHPAD fits these sink dimensions:

  • Width of 15" to 17"
  • Length of 20" to 24"
  • It's also adjustable using snaps, to fit most standard sized undermount bathroom sinks.


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Keeps the area clean and dry with no effort!

Our Kitchen SPLASHPAD fits these sink dimensions:

  • Width of 27" to 33"
  • Length of 24" to 29"
  • It's also adjustable using snaps, to fit most standard sized undermount kitchen sinks.
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