Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch, Carry Game Case Work with Nintendo Switch Protective Case, Portable Switch Carrying Case for Nintendo Switch Console - Grey

  • 【Carrying Case Hold Things Needed】The game case can easily carry game console with Joycon, 10 switch games card, headphone, switch charging cable and other tiny switch accessories. It is more friendly and portable for Nintendo switch gamers
  • 【Inner Zipper Prevent Items Pouring Out】The mesh pouch inside had a zipper to prevent switch accessories from dropping out. Switch case won’t strewn with switch accessories when you unzip the straight zipper, more convenient when you forget to zip switch travel case
  • 【Thicker Straps with Rubber Handle】Thicker woven straps for Nintendo switch case to hold down the switch console securely. The soft rubber handle design is well made and comforting,super hand finger friendly when you transport the switch console outside
  • 【10 Elastic Game Slots】You won’t get bored with 10 game’s holders in switch case. The card pocket lip faces the switch handle strap, no risk of dropping out switch cards while carrying. And the half-height pocket help you easily find the games you like, you don’t need to draw whole switch cards from switch case
  • 【Handy & Slim Switch Case】Switch case made of hard EVA, anti abrasion cloth and waterproof cover, sturdy and protects the switch at least in minor drops, safely moving switch console around. It’s convenient for quick grabbing on-the-go switch users
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Product Description

Classic Style Switch Controller Transparent Switch Controller Blue Switch Controller Green Switch Controller Black Switch Controller
Turbo Function 3 levels turbo speed 3 levels turbo speed Fixed Speed Fixed Speed 3 levels turbo speed
Motion Control
Vibration 3 Level Adjustable 3 Level Adjustable 3 Level Adjustable 3 Level Adjustable 3 Level Adjustable
Compatible Switch/ Switch Lite Switch/ Switch Lite Switch/ Switch Lite Switch/ Switch Lite Switch/ Switch Lite
Capacity 450 mAh 600 mAh 400 mAh 400 mAh 400 mAh
Color Blue&Red Transparent Aqua Blue Blue Green Black
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