Autobahn88 Radiator Coolant & Heater Silicone Hose Kit fits for 2009-2005 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Mark 2 NB6C (Black -with Clamp Set)

MX-5 Miata Roadster Mark 2 NB6C
Radiator Coolant + Heater -Black -With Clamp
  • Fitment fits for (U.S. & Asian) : 2009-2005 Mazda MX-5 Miata Roadster Mark 2 NB6C
  • Kit includes 9 Hoses, 18 Clamps. Guaranteed fitment. Quality compliant to HG/T 2491-1993 industry standard
  • Handcrafted engineering silicone with 4-ply polyester reinforcement. Wall as thick as 5mm. Superb resistant to UV, water, ozone and oxygen. Inner liner is coated with oil-resistant layer, which is specially made for extreme racing environment
  • Temperature resistance : -60 to 220 C ( -76 to 428 F ), Burst pressure tolerance : 6 Bar; which are far more superior than rubber hoses
  • Lifetime workmanship warranty. All photos are resemblance only and subject to change. The listing stipulates different delivery time for each color
Retail Price: $187.43
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Product Description

Autobahn88 Hose Kits and Hose Pipe Bends are a great choice when you want to upgrade your vehicle for extreme performance and endurance racing; while turning the engine bay into a stylish showcase.

Autobahn88 hoses are handcrafted engineering silicone with 4-ply reinforced polyester. It is far more superior than original (stock) rubber hoses in terms of reinforcement, temperature resistance, burst pressure tolerance, and material stability.

  • Reinforcement : 4-ply polyester mesh construction (5mm wall thickness); or for smaller diameter hoses is 3-ply polyester mesh construction (4mm wall thickness)
  • Temperature resistance : -60 to 220 Celsius ( -76 to 428 F)
  • Burst pressure tolerance : 6 Bar (88 psi)
  • Material stability : Superb resistant to UV, water, ozone and oxygen
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