Ridge Merino Women's Bikini Brief - Merino Wool Underwear (Black, X-Small)
  • 180g Merino Wool with (m)Force Technology blended with a touch of spandex for enhanced shape retention
  • (m)Force technology, a nylon core-spun Merino wool to improve strength and reduce abrasion
  • 84% Merino Wool, 12% Nylon, 4% Spandex
  • Flatlocked seams
  • Soft Waistband
  • X-Small
  • Black
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Ridge Merino Women's Bikini Brief - Merino Wool Underwear (Black, X-Small)
Ridge Merino Women's Bikini Brief - Merino Wool Underwear (Black, X-Small)

Product Description

Ridge Merino Women's Bikini Brief - Merino Wool Underwear

Merino wool, Ridge Merino, women's, underwear, bikini

About Our Ridge Merino Women's Bikini Brief - Merino Wool Underwear:

Cut from the same fabric as our popular Boy Short, our new Ridge Merino Brief underwear feels great next to your skin and will keep you comfortable throughout the day thanks to super soft Merino wool that regulates body temperature, manages moisture and resists odor.

About Ridge Merino:

Ridge Merino was co-founded in 2014 by a husband and wife team, Jeff and Susan Russell. For the previous decade, Jeff had led the design and development of technical outerwear at Armada Skis. Over the years, he noticed that many professional skiers preferred to use Merino wool base layers instead of the synthetic-blend layers made by their sponsors. If it was so good the pros would pay for it, the value of Merino was clear.

We set up the Ridge base camp on the East Side of California's Sierra Nevada, where the high desert meets deep snow and 14,000-foot peaks. We wanted our products to evolve in a place where life means working and playing outside in a wild and highly variable environment, a place where people might backcountry ski in a snowstorm in the morning and boulder in the desert sunshine that afternoon.

Merino Wool Benefits

Merino wool, Ridge Merino, women's, underwear, bikini

  • Soft: no itch, premium ultra-fine 18.5-micron fibers feel great against your skin
  • Climate control: Natural temperature regulation means Ridge insulates when it’s cold and lets heat escape when temperatures rise
  • Moisture management: Ridge natural fibers wick moisture away from your skin to prevent clamminess
  • No stink: Due to its antimicrobial qualities, Merino wool naturally and permanently resists odor without the use of chemicals
  • Sun Protection: UPF 50+ certified

Caring for your Ridge Garment is Easy.

Merino wool, Ridge Merino, women's, underwear, bikini

When your Ridge Merino wool products are ready to be cleaned, simply throw them in the washing machine, wash with normal detergent, and line dry in shade or tumble dry low with like garments. (Don't worry, Merino dries quickly.)

WASH- Machine Wash Warm (40° C) Wash with like colors together (separate lights and darks) Use regular detergent Do not use hot water - cool water is recommended.

DRY- Line Dry in shade (Recommended) or Tumble Dry Low

We recommend line drying, despite Ridge performing well in the dryer, to enhance the longevity of the Ridge clothing you love. Ultra-fine Merino garments can be damaged by zippers or heavy trims on other items in the dryer. If you tumble dry, use the low-temperature setting and dry your Ridge Merino separately or with like garments to avoid any unwanted wear and tear.  

IRON - Iron on "Wool" setting (or max 150° C )

Do not use Bleach or Fabric Softener


Ridge Merino's mission is to develop high-quality, high-value Merino wool apparel that performs as well in daily life as it does in the wildest outdoor conditions.

Giving Back

We're committed to operating in a responsible and ethical manner and working with partners that share those values.

Are Ridge Merino products just for skiing?

No way! - from skiing and snowboarding to backpacking, camping, climbing, fishing, yoga, mountain biking, trail running... the list goes on.

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