Instant Read Meat Thermometer, Olivivi Waterproof Ultra Fast LCD Cooking Thermometer, Digital Food Thermometer for Kitchen, Outdoor Cooking, BBQ, Candy, Milk, and Grill (red)


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Work Great with Cooked Food, Deep Frying, Baking and Beverages, like beer, wine, milk water, tea, coffee, etc

ultra fast food thermometer


1. Before using the thermometer, please tear off the protective film from the front panel.

2. When you start to measure, please unfold the probe from its housing, the temperature will immediately display on the LCD

3. The default displayed temperature unit is Fahrenheit. If you want to change it to Celsius, please press the "C/F" key for 3 seconds

4. Data-hold: Before removing the probe from food, please press “HOLD” key. The temperature reading will hold until you press it again

5. To display the minimum or the maximum temperature, push the “MAX/MIN“ key. When you press once, it will display the saved maximum temperature. When you press it again, the display will show the saved minimum temperature.

6.To enable light on the screen to read the temperature clearly, press the light button. When the backlit is lighting, just press light button to turn off. Please note the light will turn off automatically if the thermometer isn't used for about 30 seconds

7. When you want to calibrate the temperature, please take a cup of ice-water from the fridge, insert the probe into ice-water and touch the ice (please make sure the probe touch the ice under water). After getting the final temperature, hold down the“CAL”key for 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, the display will show “CAL” on the LCD screen. Press the "C/F" key to increase the digit, or press the “MAX/MIN” key to decrease the digit until it reaches to 0°C or 32°F. Finally, press the “CAL” to confirm the calibration.

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