WOWSAI TS-CL110UAA TSCL110U Replacement Lamp with Housing for JVC HD-56G786 HD-56GC87 HD-52G887 HD52G887 TVs
  • 30 Days Refund & 150 Days Warranty included
  • 100% Brand New Product Restores Higher Brightness and Lasts Longer
  • TV Model Numbers: HD52FA97, HD52G456, HD52G566, HD52G576, HD52G586, HD52G587, HD52G657, HD52G786, HD52G787, HD52G886, HD52G887, HD-52Z575PA, HD52Z575, HD-52Z585PA, HD52Z585, HD55G456, HD55G466, HD55GC86, HD-56BP6
  • HD567BP6, HD56FB97, HD56FC97, HD56FH96, HD56FH97, HD56FN97, HD56FN98, HD56FN99, HD56G647, HD56G657, HD56G786, HD56G787, HD56G886, HD56G887, HD56GC87, HD61FB97, HD61FC97, HD61FH96, HD61FH97, HD61FN97, HD61FN98, HD61G587, HD61G657, HD61G787
  • HD61G887, HD61Z456, HD-61Z575/AA, HD-61Z575/P, HD-61Z575/PA, HD61Z575, HD61Z585, HD61Z786, HD61Z886, HD70A478, HD70FH96, HD70FH97, HD70FN97, HD70G678, HD70G886, HD70G887, HD70GC78, HDP61R1U, HDP61R2U, HDP70R1U, HDP70R2U
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WOWSAI TS-CL110UAA TSCL110U Replacement Lamp with Housing for JVC HD-56G786 HD-56GC87 HD-52G887 HD52G887 TVs
WOWSAI TS-CL110UAA TSCL110U Replacement Lamp with Housing for JVC HD-56G786 HD-56GC87 HD-52G887 HD52G887 TVs


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wowsai projector tv replacement lamp bulb

How can I make my lamp last longer?

  • Do not allow the projector to overheat; the primary cause of lamp failure is excessive temperature stress.
  • Allow the projector lamp to cool for at least 10 minutes after powering down, and never move the projector during this period or while the lamp is on. The lamp is much more susceptible to damage while it is hot.
  • Operate your projector in a clean, relatively dust-free environment to prevent clogging of fans and air filters. These filters should be cleaned regularly.
  • Allow plenty of space around the projector's fan or exhaust so excess heat can be dispersed properly.
  • Utilize the "economy mode" if it is available with your projector model and is appropriate for your situation. This mode decreases projector brightness but the lamp will last longer.
  • Never leave a projector in very hot or very cold environments, for example in a car on a summer or winter day.
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