Kyerivs Hair Tinsel Sparkling Shiny Hair Tinsel Extension 6000 Strands 47” Mermaid Fairy Hair Tinsel Kit 10 Colors Synthetic Highlights Glitter Halloween Cosplay Dress up Rainbow Hairpieces 10 packs

Product Description


Hair Tinsel-- Adds amazing colour and sparkle to hair .

Kyerivs hair tinsel made of quality polyester fiber material,without any chemical dye to damage your hair & health.suits for any party or outdoor activities, Choose the color you like,make you outstanding in the crowd.Tinsel hair can be washed, styled. No curled or flat-ironed.High temperature within 180 degrees

How To Apply:

1.Create a slip knot: Select a strand of hair tinsel and create a small loop. Pull the end of the tinsel through the loop completely.

2.Tie the tinsel and hair together:For fine hair, select 3 or 4 hairs is ok (for 1 or 2 thicker hair); Slide slip knot onto the hair.

3.Pull tinsel and hair side to side direction, making sure the knot whether is close to the hair shaft. Tie the hairs and the tinsel together in a knot.

4.Tie few more knots with the tinsel only. The finished knot should be at the base of hair, small and flattened into the hair.

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