L'Oreal Paris Makeup Colour Riche Original Creamy, Hydrating Satin Lipstick, 315 True Red, 1 Count

Indulge in richness beyond compare with L'Oreal Paris Lipstick from Colour Riche. Colour Riche Lipstick contains nourishing ingredients like Omega 3 and Vitamin E, plus the lipstick is enriched with Argan Oil to condition and soften lips. Your lips are kept soft, smooth, and ultra-hydrated. With a spectrum of gorgeous satin shades from bold to nearly nude, Colour Riche Lipstick offers a lip color that's perfect for every look and any occasion. • Rich color, hydrating lipstick • With Omega 3, Vitamin E and Argan Oil • Keeps lips soft, smooth and supple • Creamy satin color Apply starting in the center of your upper lip. Work from the center to outer edges of your lips, following the contour of your mouth. Then glide across the entire bottom lip.

From the manufacturer

loreal lipstick colour riche lipstick matte lipstick satin lipstick lipstick lipstick lipstick
Colour Riche Satin Colour Riche Matte Colour Riche Ultra Matte Colour Riche Shine
Benefit Luxurious Rich Color, Smooth Creamy Feel. Intense Hydration Rich, Matte Color With Intense Hydration Ultra Pigmented, Ultra Matte. Intense Hydration Lacquered Color, Addictive Application. Lasting Shine. Intense Hydration
Finish Satin/Cream Matte Ultra Matte Shine
Coverage Full Coverage Full Coverage Full Coverage Full Coverage
Number of Shades 42 16 16 16
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