The Original Stretchlace | Elastic Shoe Laces | Flat Stretch Shoelaces
  • Easy to use replacement laces that turn your shoe into a slip on. Stretchy shoelaces that look like a standard shoe string and bow. Great for adults & kids. Whatever your sport: running, walking, gym, tri, tennis or golf our laces make for a quick transition to get to your game in style. Not athletic? These shoe strings were made to keep your casual sneakers looking great. Don't sacrifice the look of a bow, and lose the unflattering look of adjustable locks, anchors, clips, or silicone bands.
  • Tie or no tie shoelaces the choice is yours. You'll find comfort with the rubber band like stretch and flex that will alleviate pressure points and provide a snug, comfortable fit while conveniently allowing you to slip your shoes on and off with ease. Snug, loose you choose your fit and tie once, whereby they become tieless. Unlike other no tie shoelaces for kids, our laces allow kids to tie and untie so they can practice tying when it's convenient. They'll blend in with this flat shoelace.
  • Stylish, functional and practical elastic shoelaces for adults. leave your shoes tied, and don't sacrifice the look of a bow. Ideal for after surgery, the movement impaired, handicapped or disabled. Appropriate for the elderly & seniors, or those suffering from arthritis, or lacking in fine motor skills. Tie once and instantly your shoe becomes a slip on. These are the best stretch shoe laces for sneakers, you'll be pleased with how helpful these shoe strings can be while walking in comfort.
  • Take a close look at our unique elastic material. Measures 1/4 inch wide with a slightly textured feel. Flat laces in six different lengths: 23, 35, 40, 45, 47 and 55 inches. Comes in classic and colorful neon colors: ivory, white, black, pink, grey, purple, red, blue, navy, brown, light grey and yellow/green. Also available are a black round and a white round coming in two lengths: 47 and 55 inches. The round laces make great shoe laces for boots, turn your boots into convenient slip ons.
  • Transform your shoe laces for sneakers with stretchy replacement shoelaces. Get freedom from the mundane task of tying. Great for travel and those long airport security lines. Perfect for helping parents get their children out the door quickly. Compatible with most casual or sport laced shoes of varying brands with standard eyelet spacing. Comes in recyclable cardboard packaging. Please be sure to read sizing instructions in order to get the best fit. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • 30" Inches (77 cm)
  • White
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The Original Stretchlace | Elastic Shoe Laces | Flat Stretch Shoelaces
The Original Stretchlace | Elastic Shoe Laces | Flat Stretch Shoelaces

Product Description

Quality, elastic shoelaces with a traditional look that turn every lace-up into a slip-on. Tie once and don't tie again, or practice tying, the choice is yours.

Available in 6 different lengths: 23, 35, 40, 45, 47 and 55 inches

Nine different colors: Black, White, Grey, Royal Blue, Neon Blue, Neon Pink, Purple, Red, Neon Grellow (Green/Yellow)

Each recyclable box contains 1 pair of laces

Keep the traditional look of tie laces and lose the inconvenience of clasps, clips, and adjustable locks that come with other elastic laces. No installation involved, once fitted correctly, you'll be on your way. The stretch and flex will alleviate pressure points and allow for a snug and comfy fit, while conveniently allowing you to slip your shoes on and off with ease. Snug or loose, you select your customized fit, and tie once. Gain independence and a firm flexible fit. Your feet work hard, give them additional comfort with just the right amount of compression throughout the day and night. Your swollen feet will thank you. Whether you are 5 or 100 gain independence and freedom from daily tying.

The Original Stretchlace Elastic Shoe Laces for Sneakers Tie Once, or No Tie Shoelaces

Laces for everyone! Parents no longer have to worry about tripping over, or looking at untied laces. Children practice tying on their own time, and feel like a "big kid" with traditional tie shoes. Seniors with arthritis can comfortably slip their walking shoes on. Caregivers can easily help loved ones. Triathletes have shortened their transition times. Runners and athletes benefit from the flexible, secure comfort whether on the track or golf course. Healthcare medical field personnel understand that laces can be unsanitary. No need to touch your dirty laces again. The Original Stretchlace are a helpful addition to any wardrobe, and they are fashionable to boot.


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