Winsor & Newton Designers' Gouache Introductory 10-Tube Paint Set, 14ml

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Winsor & Newton have been producing Designers Gouache since 1935 and to this day we continue to offer the finest artists' gouache range available. Designers Gouache colors are a range of opaque water colors, mainly used by designers, illustrators and commercial artists to create vibrant illustrations in solid color. Gouache is also widely used in fine art as an opaque water color. Today the Designers Gouache range benefits from significant developments in technology and is smoother, flatter, more opaque and more brilliant than ever before. This introductory set is ideal for designers. It contains 10 popular colors in 14 ml (0.47 oz.) tubes, including Zinc White, Yellow Ochre, Ultramarine, Spectrum Red, Primary Yellow, Primary Red, Primary Blue, Permanent Yellow Deep, Ivory Black and Permanent Green Medium.

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Expand Your Options: Available in 14ml & 37ml sizes By adding the appropriate medium, you can further expand your options by increasing granulation or texture, improve blending & lifting, create iridescence, reduce drying time, and so on. The art of water colour painting demands the finest quality paper - paper that works for you and with you. Sable brushes are ideal for use due to thier excellent colour carrying capacity, ability to point, and to spring back into shape.
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