Fox & Fern 8" Plant Pot Perfectly Fits Modern Plant Stand - Drainage Plug - Matte White

Product Description

large plant pot

Each home tells a story, let's give it a boost.

Your home is the place where you truly have the freedom of expressing yourself.

You’re not looking for something mundane that does not reflect your personality and neither are we.

fiberstone plant pot pot with wood plinth base clay plant pot tall plant stand adjustable plant stand mini plant stand
Fox & Fern Fiberstone Pot Fox & Fern Polystone Pot with Woodbase Fox & Fern Fiberclay pot Fox & Fern Tailored Fit - Tall Plant Stand Fox & Fern Adjustable Stand Fox & Fern Ceramic Pot + Stand
Size variations 8", 10", 12", 15" 10", 12" 8", 10", 12" 8", 10", 12", 15" 8" - 12" 3.5", 7"
Material variations Fiberstone Polystone Fiberclay Bamboo, Acacia, Walnut Bamboo, Walnut Acacia + Ceramic
With drainage plug No N/A N/A No
Suitable for outdoor No No No
Material specs Rough interior, wide rim Smooth interior, thin rim Smooth interior, thin rim Solid wood Solid wood Smooth interior, thin rim
Strength High Medium Low High Medium Low
Weight Light Medium Heavy Light Light Light
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