AR500 Steel Targets - Gongs - Silhouettes and More for Pistols and Rifles - Laser Cut USA Steel - 3/16 1/4 3/8 1/2
  • Manufactured, sold and shipped EXCLUSIVELY by Shootingtargets7 tm Hudsonville, Michigan. All targets feature a lifetime guarantee when used as directed.
  • 3/8\" AR500 targets easily withstand rifle rounds up to 7.62 and are the preferred choice for rifles. Ensure speed of bullet in below 2850 fps at point of impact to avoid pitting.
  • Target will last forever with proper use AR500 steel is a special high carbon steel hardened to withstand repeated shots, bullets simply bounce off or vaporize upon impact.
  • Targets are cut on a brand new state of the art Mitsubishi NX SERIES 6000W laser cutting machine for industry leading cut quality.
  • Veteran owned business, targets ship unpainted for lowest possible price. See special offers and description below for more product information.
  • A- 3" Gong
  • C- 3/8" AR500
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AR500 Steel Targets - Gongs - Silhouettes and More for Pistols and Rifles - Laser Cut USA Steel - 3/16 1/4 3/8 1/2
AR500 Steel Targets - Gongs - Silhouettes and More for Pistols and Rifles - Laser Cut USA Steel - 3/16 1/4 3/8 1/2


All ShootingTargets7 Targets feature a lifetime guarantee. 1/2" mounting holes Mount with our mounting kit (sold separately) Easy to see and hear hits Lasts and lasts bullets bounce right off THIS TARGET SHIPS UNPAINTED Stop buying boring paper IPSC targets and start enjoying the benefits of shooting steel! Suitable for all pistils and most rifles.Shootingtargets7 targets are 100% CNC LASER CUT for full hardness including the cut edge. AR500 is a very special steel that allows our targetsto withstand repeated shots from bullets without damage. Used correctly they last almost forever! Our targets are agreat investment in your shooting skills. Shooting AR500 targets instead of paper is both more productiveand fun than shooting at paper targets. You know right away what shots have hit and what shots have more wasted time checking for hits and taping up paper targets Reactive targets like this one are proven to increase shooter proficiency up to50% faster than paper targets. You will become proficient faster and with less ammunition. Once you shoot steel you won't ever go back to boring paper targets again!

Product Description


The use of firearms is our inalienable right and for good reason.
Being proficient with firearms is a life skill that could be
essential in protecting yourself or your loved ones when it counts most.

Shooting experts agree, training with reactive steel targets will make you a better shooter in less time
than boring paper targets having no feedback.


Our Steel Targets sound off and move when hit so you know right away if you have hit or missed. 
Besides being much more fun than shooting paper you will become a better shooter,  faster as a result.


When used within our recomended guidelines ShootingTargets7 targets will last forever.
Bullets simply bounse off or vaporize upon impact with no holes to patch ever again.

Let ShootingTargets7 put a smile on your face while enhancing your level of training. No matter the caliber of firearm
you are using we have the right targets for you


- 3/16" AR400 For peller gun to 22lr these thinner targets will sound off loudly when hit with smaller projectiles.
- 1/4" AR500 For all pistols except 44 mag lighter, louder and less expensive than 3/8" for pistols.
- 3/8" AR500 For Rifles to 308 and magnum handguns
1/2” AR500 For rifles 308-338 Lapua


For pistols 10 yd minimum distance from targets.
- DISTANCE RIFLES Back up until bullet speed is BELOW 2850fps at target (to avoid pitting) 50 yd minimum. 
- NO STEEL AMMO Never use ammo with steel in or on it (it could pit the targets)
- EYE PROTECTION Always use eye protection when shooting steel.

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