Pair of Whiskey Glasses and Ice Sphere Molds, The Rocks - The Charles, by The Elan Collective

The Charles
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The Elan Collective

Raise The Bar - That's what two friends did when they discovered that they both share a passion or creating the “extra” out of the ordinary. Since that time, Matt & Oliver have continued to transform mundane tools in the kitchen and bar into stylish, multisensory pieces which make brewing and mixing drinks not just a process, but a delightful experience.

When they started The Elan Collective, their goal was not just to design great products, but to share that passion and excitement with people who value the same ideals. In design. In Quality. In craftsmanship

Join Matt & Oliver's journey and be a part of the community as we strive to always raise the bar.

Drinks. Laughter. Conversation. Some things are just meant to be shared.

Rocks Glasses, also commonly referred to as Old Fashioned or Lowball glasses are a staple for the home bar. They have broad use and are perfect for mixed cocktails from a Jack and Coke to a Negroni or Old Fashioned. Drinks in these glasses are usually served “on the rocks”, meaning with ice.

Our Rocks glasses are designed with a combination of style, balance and feel all focused on elevating your cocktail experience. 

ICE MAKES A DIFFERENCE Bartenders have elevated ice to an art, and now you can too. To complete the set, we’ve included 2 food grade silicone ice sphere molds for perfect fitting, slow melting 2 in. ice balls. The result is a chilled balanced drink that will make a lasting impression on your guests.

Makes your drink go swish and swirl. It's elegantly twisted.

The Charles was designed to elevate your experience. Uniquely shaped for large or small hands alike and visually stunning on the table, you will continue to find new angles to appreciate. The Charles works great for sipping whiskey neat or on the rocks. The wide opening and round shape make it ideal for stirring a Manhattan in the glass. Dishwasher safe and made of 100% lead free glass.  3.75” Tall 10 oz capacity.

The Rocks

Thoughtfully packaged for gifting delivery.

Perfect gift for a dinner party, new years, birthday, holiday or simple thank you.

Buy your first for a friend, build your collection to entertain.

We can help you build drinks too

"Who’s behind the stick?” is a common question in bars, and refers to the person making your drink. Our 6-piece bar tools set is aptly named “Behind The Stick.”

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Essential Bar Tools for Stirred Cocktails

When you prefer cocktails with clear spirits and liqueurs - this is the kind of barware that causes quite a stir.

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