Hidden Camera with Clock,Mini WiFi HD 1080P Security Surveillance Cameras Nanny Cam with Motion Detection,Video Recording/Remote Monitoring

Product Description

hidden camera


1.Is perfect clock design, Definition picture and video quality is the key to monitoring security. the camera will to see through the cell phone APP, The cellphone screen displaying could be clearly seen.

2.Camera Remote Monitoring: This smart alarm nanny camera clock, with 140 degree wide angle lens. Support snapshot, adjust resolution (4K, 2K, 1080P), sync with App time, monitoring your house 24h.

3.IR Night Vision : This camera alarm clock built-in 12 nights vision IR, In the completely darkness state can be also take pictures and videos normally.

Playback Function: Insert the Micro SD card into the slot, power it on, the camera will start to work automatically. When the memory space is full, the camera will overwrite the files from oldest to newest. When you turn on the clock, the video will be videoed and stored automatically, and you can watch the video or playback the video in wireless state. (Note: If there is no WIFI signal at home, the view only to be seen near around 10 meters.)

4.It is also a special clock with a "third eye".Remember this coming moment and enjoy it. records the real world. It is time to have one to protect your family.

5.Focuses on the integration of invisible camera design,development and production. The hard reality is that you can't always trust some people in your life, which means you need to keep a watchful eye on your home and the people that are constantly moving in and out of your world.Sometimes you need to capture every details that you want to see.


Motion Detection and Alert Notification

Newest home security camera adopts Smart Perceive Technology to detect movements. Once motion detected, instant App Alert notifications will be quickly pushed to your mobile phone, protect your home effectively from break-ins! Meanwhile, when you turn on the function of auto movement tracking, the camera will move as the object moves until the camera detects that no object is moving. You can always be aware of what is happening and where!

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