Soothe & Heal Balm for Dogs - Organic & Vegan Ingredients to Relieve Skin Irritations Fast. Natural Hot Spot Treatment for Dry Itchy Skin. For All Skin, Snout and Paws. (USA Made - 2.1oz - 62ml)

Product Description

The Vet Recommended Organic Soothe & Heal Balm is a natural and effective solution for problematic skin conditions.

This US made balm is so gentle on your dogs skin, you'll have the peace of mind that you are providing a safer option for their dry and irritated skin. We love your dog as much as you do, therefore we want them to have the very best, safest and effective skin care.

Organic and Vegan solutions are is increasing in popularity as owners look for more natural options to look after their four-legged friend. The dog skin balm is hand crafted from beginning to end using the highest human grade organic ingredients.

Vet Recommended Organics - Soothe & Heal Pet Skin Balm

Organic Balm for Dogs

No Hard to Pronounce Chemicals - Just Pure Ingredients

Many dog creams and balms contain ingredients you should never put on your own skin, let alone the skin of your best friend. The Vet Recommended Organic Soothe & Heal Balm is fast and effective, yet safe for your dog.

Soothe & Heal Skin Balm is suitable for skin conditions such as:

  • Rashes
  • After surgery
  • Hot spots
  • Scabby crusts
  • Wounds for sterilization
  • Lesions and abrasions
  • Dog and cats paws
  • Scrapes and cuts
  • Wounds after fights
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