ArtNaturals Professional Makeup Brush Cleaner – (8 Fl Oz / 236ml) – Spray Removes Residue and Oils in a Quick Fashion for Smooth Application – Daily Essential Natural Solution for Powder and Creams

Product Description

You spend lots of time making sure your face is clean and free from excess oil and bacteria. But what about your makeup brushes? Many of us forget that the brushes that make applying makeup easy and effective also need daily cleaning.

ArtNaturals Makeup Brush Cleaner is formulated to do just that. It gently cleans and disinfects brushes by dissolving makeup residue and oils left by products after application. At the same time, it conditions brush bristles.

As you apply makeup with a brush, your natural oils (along with any lingering bacteria) transfer onto the brush every time it touches your skin. Unless the brush is cleaned between uses, those oils and bacteria are transferred right back onto what you thought was clean skin. That can result in breakouts and blackheads. Our Makeup Brush Cleaner will make sure that doesn’t happen.

You’d also like your brushes to last as long as possible and do their best job each day. The essential step of daily cleaning protects your brushes and allows them to last longer for extended use. Clean brushes have softer bristles, allowing for better makeup application. Buildup on brushes can bunch up the bristles, causing them to scratch your skin and streak your makeup.

ArtNaturals Makeup Brush Cleaner uses neem extract to soften and condition brush bristles, so that each time you use your brushes, you’ll get a smooth, perfect application—that’s also clean and bacteria-free.

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