COMOmed Coban Cohesive Bandage Latex 4"x 4.5m First Aid Bandages Stretch Sport Wrap Athletic Tape Wrist Bandages,White(8 Rolls)
  • Waterproof and Breathable:Bandage material is water-resistant and will not easily come loose by sweat or water.
  • Multi-function:Use for sprains, swelling and soreness;It works well on ankle, wrist, finger, toe, elbow and knee. Also safe for pets.Wrap it around during exercise to reduce muscle damage.
  • Worth the amount:There are several fashion and basic colors and 3/6/12 rolls for each pack. You can use it for a very long time with one buy.
  • Strong Self-adhesive:Made of cohesive elastic latex non-woven. Unlike non-adhesive bandages, self-adherent tape does not require clips and pins to stay in place.
  • Easy to use:Bandage can easily be torn by hand. Please note that it will adhere very well to itself but poorly to other surfaces such as skin or hair making it pain-free to pull it off and change bandages.
  • 8rolls
  • White
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COMOmed Coban Cohesive Bandage Latex 4"x 4.5m First Aid Bandages Stretch Sport Wrap Athletic Tape Wrist Bandages,White(8 Rolls)
COMOmed Coban Cohesive Bandage Latex 4"x 4.5m First Aid Bandages Stretch Sport Wrap Athletic Tape Wrist Bandages,White(8 Rolls)

Product Description

COMOmed bandage size:

1. All products have a natural length of 2.5 m and a stretch length of 4.5 m. Each roll of bandage is individually packaged for easy storage and use. Please choose the right product for the different parts you want to use.

2. COMOmed self-adhesive bandage, non-stick hair, can be used for pet dressing.COMOmed bandages are easy to tear, easy and fast.Binding firm does not slip, after dressing does not have to repeatedly adjust.Self-adhesive bandages are not like regular bandages and do not require additional tools to secure.The fabric is made of waterproof material, which can effectively prevent the loosening caused by the penetration of sweat or water.

3.The COMOmed bandage is made of high-quality non-woven fabric, which has high elasticity, good ductility and no tightness. The surface of the material is soft to the touch and easy to entangle. No need to cut the scissors, you can tear directly. It is a product that is comfortable and practical, and can be carried with you. Suitable for all parts of the body

Self-Adhesive Bandage with High Elasticity


Prevent Injuries

With self-adhesive bandages you can stretch and self-adhesive, support and guide joints, protect vulnerable parts and prevent sports injuries. It can also be used as a fixed splint for sports sprains.

COMOmed bandages have a certain elasticity,when dressing and external fixing, apply appropriate pressure and number of layers as required.Don't be too tight or too loose,too tight will cause discomfort to the patient or local blood supply failure,if it is too loose, it will not be able to fix and dress the wound.



2.5cm wide packaging: 2.5cmX12 roll

Applicable parts finger or various racket handles, etc.


1inch wide


2inch wide


3inch wide


4inch wide

Easy to Wrap



Family medical kit substantially a well assorted bandage can help you to effectively respond to frequent injuries and emergencies. Recommended by most professionals, it is one of the best all-purpose bandage packaging.

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