IRON APE Figure 8 Straps and Traditional Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Weight Lifting and Deadlift, Multi Pack, Cotton, 3 Sizes
  • FIGURE 8’s: By locking your hands onto the bar with the Figure 8’s, your PB's can be increased because you can focus on the LIFT, not the GRIP. The figure 8’s are recommended for Deadlift, Shrug, and Romanian Deadlift
  • TRADITIONAL STRAPS: These can be used almost anywhere in the gym. Boost your work out on barbell, dumbbell, D-handle, cable, and any other equipment used for pull exercises.
  • STRONG AND STURDY: Both styles of strap are made from the same high quality, heavy duty, thick cotton material. The heavy duty stitching means these straps will last, with INDEPENDENT testing showing the Figure 8's breaking at 3,300lb, and the traditional straps at over 1,000lb.
  • ERGONOMIC & COMFORTABLE: Strong, but soft and flexible material means these pro level, heavy duty straps do not need extra padding around the wrist. No neoprene to fall apart and get in the way of wrist adjustments!
  • MULTIPLE SIZES: The packs are available with three sizes of the Figure 8’s (the lifting straps are the same in each pack). Medium for wrists up to 6.5”, Intermediate for 6.5-7.5\" wrists, and Large for wrists over 7.5”. Not suitable for axle lifts, but we also have an XL size sold separately. 1 Pair of each strap per pack.
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IRON APE Figure 8 Straps and Traditional Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Weight Lifting and Deadlift, Multi Pack, Cotton, 3 Sizes
IRON APE Figure 8 Straps and Traditional Weightlifting Wrist Straps for Weight Lifting and Deadlift, Multi Pack, Cotton, 3 Sizes


Product Description


Our straps were designed to be quality products. They are constructed with heavyweight, premium quality cotton material which is soft to the touch, while remaining extremely strong and durable

The IRON APE Lifting Straps have been designed with function over form in mind. The Figure 8 style is quick to set up, locks your hands firmly onto the bar, and lets you fully concentrate on the pull rather than the grip. The traditional design, we feel, gives great grip, while still being easier to set up and adjust than some designs such as leather, suede, and rubber

The traditional style straps are one size only. For sizing the Figure 8s, the Medium is recommended for wrists up to 6.5” in circumference, Intermediate for 6.5-7.5", and the Large for wrists over 7.5”. If they feel a bit long, just give the strap one or two twists to get to the length that feels right for you. These Figure 8s are not suitable for Axle lift, but there is an XL size sold separately

Both styles of strap are personally used by the Iron Ape team, and are equally suitable for both men and women

Whether you are bodybuilding, powerlifting, or just general weightlifting, both of these styles of strap will help you increase both your reps and weights. Once your grip starts to go, bring these straps into play and see your lifts increase – reps, weights, or both. They will not let go until you release your grip on them.

We recommend the Figure 8s particularly for most barbell work, and the traditional style for dumbbell, cable, machines, and anywhere else you might need assistance with grip

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