Tidy Tots Diapers Hassle Free 12 Diaper Snap Great Start Set with Hippos, Whales, TweetHeart, Grey, Orange, Red Covers

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Product Description

Simply The Best

Your search is over! You've found award winning Tidy Tots Diapers. These adorable, hassle-free cloth diapers are unlike anything you've seen before. The secret weapon: our Flushies stay put. It's a secured liner that you simply flush and the mess is gone. Tidy Tots are made from absorbent, breathable, and naturally antimicrobial hemp; so baby's skin stays rash free. Plus, our patented cover and diaper trap it all, from breastfeeding to even the heaviest wetters. They work, they fit, they cost less than disposable diapers. Stand out for all the right reasons. Be a Tidy Tots family.


The Diaper You Have Been Looking For!

Ick Free:  Who enjoys cleaning up after little mess makers? You will, with Tidy Tots flushable liners! Fully secured oversized liners stay put, protecting the whole diaper, and at changing time you simply remove and flush. Welcome to the future, where you can have the convenience of disposables AND the goodness of cloth. Yes, diapering can be that easy!

Rash Free: Keeping baby’s bum fresh is a top priority.  Our breathable, naturally antimicrobial hemp promotes a healthy happy bottom.

Leak Free: A diaper has got to actually work, right? Keep your little ones’ clothes clean, and yourself sane! Our patented diapers provide a leak free experience for even the heaviest of wetters, containing all the messes, especially during breastfeeding.

Ease of disposables with the goodness of cloth

Try Tidy Tots risk-free and see for yourself that these adorable diapers are just what you've been searching for, thanks to your new secret weapon, Flushies. No one needs to know that they are just as mess free as disposable diapers and cost so much less. That can be your little secret.
You try to feed your baby organic food and dress them in organic clothing; choosing an organic diaper is the obvious choice for you and your family. Tidy Tots diapers makes it easy and affordable.


Smarter AND Cuter

Leak Free Covers With SmartRise

Tidy Tots adorable covers are designed to trap everything, even during breastfeeding.

  • SmartRise - The only diaper with a self-fitting rise. Nothing to adjust, just the perfect leak-free fit everyday.
  • TruFit - Offset snap closures sit higher in the back, and hug over the hips for a better and more natural fit!
  • Deep gussets around the legs give you a comfy fit, gently hugging babies creating an impenetrable wall of protection.
  • The leak free flap is the only functional inner flap that actually traps leaks and blowouts!
  • The leak proof trim seals in wetness keeping babies clothes dry. 

No Fold Diapers & Boosters 

Tidy Tots 4 ply No Fold Diapers and Boosters provide optimal absorbency and hassle-free washing.

  • Made with a heavyweight organic hemp blend, with superior absorbency; and is naturally antimicrobial, and durable.
  • No Fold Diapers are sewn folded and snap in to prevent bunching even for the most active toddler.
  • Customize absorbency with boosters for overnight and heavy wetters.
  • Boosters fit into the back of the No Fold Diaper and come out in the wash. 
  • Modular design means they dry faster; saving you money, time, and energy.

Flushies, your secret weapon.

Tidy Tots is the only diaper with a fully secured liner, that actually keeps the diaper clean from solids. At changing time just gather up the liner and flush away the mess!

  • The oversized liners wrap completely around our No Fold Diaper and snap into the cover.
  • Soft, soothing, and made of cornstarch, a natural remedy for diaper rash.
  • Biodegradable and septic safe.
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